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NEW Southern Region UUA Chalice Lighter Program

The Southern Region Unitarian Universalist Association kicked off a NEW Chalice Lighter Program in late 2016, which allows individuals and congregations to support and be generous with one another to work on transformational goals.

What is a Chalice Lighter Call?

Chalice Lighter Calls are crowdfunded contributions given by committed Unitarian Universalist “Chalice Lighters” and Southern Region congregations. Anyone can become a Chalice Lighter – just join the Southern Region Chalice Lighter email list (see below) and respond with a contribution when a Call goes out.

The new approach continues to support personal generosity. Additionally, it encourages congregations to participate in Chalice Lighter Calls, by a “sharing the plate” offering or other special gift solicitation – because we know we are stronger together!

A Bit of Background

The Chalice Lighter program began in 1984 as a way for individuals to extend the UU faith by making a donation of $10 or more for three Calls per year.

The new program works similarly. There will be up to two calls for each of our Region’s historic geographical districts plus one additional call for a Region-wide effort each year – for a possible total of nine calls. The Chalice Lighter Team will notify us all of each Call. (We do not limit the number of calls a donor contributes toward, but anticipate most donors will give to the two calls for congregations in their District and to the one Region-wide call.) As before, each Call will have a launch and end date.

Many will still want to make individual donations. However, the Chalice Lighter team asks all Southern Region congregations also to host a special gift Offering as a way of pooling individual gifts and introducing the program to those who have not signed on personally. The reminder here is that we are an association of congregations. We covenant to support each other and our neighboring congregations with generosity and a nurturing relationship.

The Southern Region’s Chalice Lighter team – comprised of volunteers from each of the four historic Districts – will evaluate and select Chalice Lighter Call applications. In keeping with the times, all our work will be done via email and social media. The Chalice Lighter team will monitor each Call’s progress and receive a report from the congregation on its total receipts and how funds are being utilized.

  CLICK HERE to Become a Chalice Lighter


Click here for the Southern Region UUA Chalice Lighter page for more details on the program, including how congregations can apply for a grant and what projects qualify.

For more information . . .

Contact Myrna Adams West at, UUFA’s Chalice Lighter Representative,
or the Lifespan Development Lay Minister at