Coordinator of Religious Education (RE)

The UU Fellowship of Athens seeks a one-year Coordinator of RE (CRE) to be employed from late May 2017 until late May 2018.

Job Summary

Assists in planning and implementing a religious education program under the supervision of the Parish Minister. The CRE provides administrative support and has some program development responsibilities. The latter includes recruiting, guiding, and supporting volunteers, serving as a program facilitator, supervising Sunday activities, and/or managing an RE event or activity (such as directing a summer program, coordinating a youth program, directing an evening adult program, or collaborating with a committee tasked with developing family activities).

Job Description and Salary

For a full description of the CRE’s responsibilities, please download the CRE Job Description 2017-18. The salary for this position is negotiable, based on the candidate’s education and work experience.

To Apply

Please send a current resume and note of interest to Liz Weaver, as soon as possible, or by mid March 2017. We hope to receive applications in February and early March, interview during March, and fill the position on or before April 15, 2017. The job posting will be kept live until the position is filled. The selected employee would begin at UUFA by late May.

Hiring Notes

  • UUFA policy preferences the hiring of people currently unaffiliated with the Fellowship. However, Active Members and Friends may also apply for this one-year position.
  • During this one-year employment period the Fellowship will evaluate its Lifespan Development (Education) program and staffing needs. The person hired for the 2017-2018 position may apply for the position to start in June 2018, but the position may not be identical. The permanent position developed during this year of assessment may include different responsibilities, hours and pay from the current opening.

*The UUFA does not discriminate in employment practices or advancement opportunities on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic protected by law.