The Expanding Our Vision Project’s charge is to help UUFA fulfill its mission and vision by creating spaces for growth and for deeper connections among members, friends, and the community.

Congregation Approves New Building Expansion Plan!

At the Annual Congregational meeting on May 21, UUFA members voted, nearly unanimously, to approve the Building Expansion and Renovation plan.  This plan is designed to fit within a $1.8M budget consisting of the Capital Campaign funds raised of $1.3M and $500,000 in anticipated borrowing (mortgage, etc.).

Click on the links below to view the plans:


  • Summer:  Begin process of obtaining zoning approval; Work with architects on construction-level documents
  • Fall:  Secure planning/zoning permission and permits; choose contractor
  • January 2018 (or later):  Begin construction

          Stay tuned for more details.

Why are we expanding our facilities?

For long enough we’ve managed with an overly-full parking lot, inadequate Fellowship Hall and Sanctuary, insufficient meeting rooms, and more. Now is the time to improve our facilities so that we can better meet our mission and vision.

Project Leadership

It is anticipated that the Board will revise the project leadership structure soon now that congregational approval has been obtained and we are entering the detailed planning and construction phase.  More details will be forthcoming.

We want to hear from you!

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Project History:

For a short history of the project including links to major documents, click here.