The Expanding Our Vision project’s charge is to help UUFA fulfill its mission and vision by creating spaces for growth and for deeper connections among members, friends, and the community.

Contractor Selected for Building Project!

The CloverLeaf Group from Athens was selected to be the contractor for the project, upon the recommendation of the UUFA Building Project Committee (BPC).  CloverLeaf is already working very closely with the BPC, Houser Walker Architects (HWA), and Koons Environmental Design (KED) during the current pre-construction phase.

HWA and KED have worked with the EOV teams since early 2016 in preliminary design development, and continue to work with the BPC to finalize the site plan and construction drawings and to proceed with the zoning and permitting process.  HWA will also oversee the construction in 2018.

EOV Building Project Committee (BPC):

Iva King, Chair
Bob McArthur, Board Representative
John Olive, Project Treasurer (Naming and recognition sub-committee)
Herb West, Ministry Council Rep. (Sanctuary function and design sub-committee)
Roger Moore (Landscape sub-committee)
Sarah Cook (Playground and RE sub-committee)
Jane Mayer (Administration and Meeting Spaces sub-committee)
Carol-Lee Baker (Kitchen sub-committee)
Barb Schell (Aesthetics sub-committee)

The plans linked below are those approved by the congregation on May 21, 2017.  These plans are being revised and adjusted to meet Athens-Clarke County zoning requirements and to fit within the overall project budget as more accurate cost estimates are made.


  • September 1, 2017:  Submit plans to Athens Clarke County Planning Department
  • Fall 2017:  Secure planning/zoning approval; finalize construction-level documents
  • Winter 2018:  Secure permits; finalize plans
  • Spring 2018:  Begin construction
  • Late 2018:  Construction is finished!

There will be disruptions and relocation of activities during the construction–some to other areas onsite and some offsite.  The Board and Ministry Council will guide UUFA through this process once we know how the construction will be phased and scheduled.  Stay tuned for more details.

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Project History:

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