The Expanding Our Vision Project’s charge is to help UUFA fulfill its mission and vision by creating spaces for growth and for deeper connections among members, friends, and the community.

EOV Town Hall – Sunday, April 30
10:05-10:50 am, Fellowship Hall

A VERY IMPORTANT Town Hall to reveal the new Building Expansion and Renovation plan will be held on Sunday, April 30, between the morning worship services.  Please attend so you can see and hear about the exciting new plan!


  • April 30  – Congregational Town Hall meeting to review final plan and budget which will be submitted to the congregation for a vote on May 21.
  • May 7, May 10, and May 14 – follow-up opportunities to meet with members of the EOV Teams will be available to discuss the new plan.  Details will be forthcoming.
  • May 21:  Congregational Meeting to vote on the final project and budget (including mortgage)
  • Summer:  Begin process of obtaining zoning approval; Work with architects on construction-level documents
  • Fall:  Secure planning/zoning permission and permits; choose contractor
  • January 2018 (or later):  Begin construction

Why are we expanding our facilities?

For long enough we’ve managed with an overly-full parking lot, inadequate Fellowship Hall and Sanctuary, insufficient meeting rooms, and more. Now is the time to improve our facilities so that we can better meet our mission and vision.

Project Leadership

A Steering Committee appointed by the Board of Trustees plus two task groups–a Building Team (to work with the architect and UUFA on design development) and a Capital Campaign Team (to oversee fundraising)–are in charge of the project. The Steering Committee monitors these teams, communicates expansion progress, receives your ideas and comments, and generally keeps the dialogue open between the Fellowship’s members, Board, Ministry, consultant, architect, and builder.

Steering Committee

Bob McArthur-chair, Iva King, Jane Mayer, Herb West, Todd Dinkelman, Carol-Lee Baker, Myrna Adams West, Barb Schell, Rev. Alison Eskildsen

Building Team –

Iva King-chair, Jane Mayer, Naomi Braff, Chris Hayden, Penny Oldfather, Roger Moore, and Sarah Cook

Capital Campaign Team –

Herb West-chair, John Olive, Todd Dinkelman, Karen Solheim, David Jarrett, and John Bleyle

We want to hear from you!

Click here to contact us with your feedback, comments, or questions.

Background Information:

For an archive of reports, plans, surveys, meetings, & activities leading up to where we are now, click here.