The Expanding Our Vision project’s charge is to help UUFA fulfill its mission and vision by creating spaces for growth and for deeper connections among members, friends, and the community.

Groundbreaking March 25 –
Construction Begins in April!

With construction slated to begin in April (the exact timing depends on when we receive the building permits), there will be a Groundbreaking Ceremony held on Sunday, March 25, at about 10:10 am (between the 9:00 am & 11:00 am services) to kickoff the renovation!!!  It will feature members of the Building Project and Capital Campaign teams, and will hopefully include representatives from Houser Walker Architects (HWA), Koons Environmental Design (KED), and CloverLeaf Group contractors (CLG).

At the Congregational Town Hall meeting on Sunday, March 4, Iva King, Chair, of the Building Project Committee (BPC), presented the latest update on the building plans, budget, and timeline.  Click here for a PDF of the Power Point presentation.  There were a few questions and comments, but no opposition was voiced to the increase in the total project budget to $1.9M.  With a large contingency built into the cost estimate, it is hoped that either the final cost will come in below that figure or we will be able to include some additional items from our “wish list.”

Houser Walker has completed the “100% Construction Documents” and the contractor, CloverLeaf, has received bids and finalized its Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP).  The site and building plans have been submitted to ACC for permits, which we anticipate receiving in the next few weeks so that construction can begin in April, hopefully early in the month.  For additional information, contact a member of the BPC listed below, or email

Because of the increased budget necessary for the project, Capital Campaign Commitments are encouraged from anyone who has not yet made a pledge to the building campaign, particularly new members and friends who have recently joined.  Click here for a Capital Campaign Commitment form to print, fill out and sign, and turn in (or email the info) to Shaye Gambrell, our Congregational Administrator; John Olive, the Building Project Treasurer; or Herb West, Capital Campaign Chair.  Your financial support will assure that we can complete this project.  Additional commitments from those who have already pledged are also encouraged!  And the sooner you can pay your commitment, the less money the Fellowship will have to borrow, thus lowering our interest expense.

(NOTE:  dates are tentative)

  • Pre-construction – March
    • A successful work day was held on March 3 with over 40 people participating in boxing up materials, moving furniture, and moving some landscaping.
    • An additional work day was held on March 10 with more landscaping work, as well as interior cleaning in the Fellowship Hall & Sanctuary.
    • Finish moving admin and DRE office and furniture
    • Finish removing pond, fish, sculptures, and additional landscaping in front of the entrance
    • Obtain building permits, sign contract with CloverLeaf Group, sign construction loan with State Bank & Trust.
    • Groundbreaking March 25.
  • Phase 1:  Construction of New Addition – early April through mid-July 2018
    • Scope:  Construction of new spaces: entrance, Gathering Hall, offices, conference room, large multi-purpose room, two restrooms, Cheatham Rd. parking lot.
    • The main entrance will be temporarily relocated to RE hall door.
    • Offices will be relocated and some rooms have been re-purposed:
      • Administration office & DRE office will move to the Youth Room (corner next to Minister’s office).
      • Youth Room & Sofa Room furniture have been moved to the Ocean Room.
      • The conference table and chairs, along with a number of bookcases, have been moved to the Sofa Room (“Interim Conference Room”).
      • Minister’s office remains as is.
    • Access to Sanctuary and administration wing will be only through the Fellowship Hall.
    • Parking
      • Very limited during construction hours (UUFA restricted to the side of the lot closest to the woods).
      • Most of parking lot will be available Sundays, some Saturdays, and most evenings.
      • The contractor will use about a dozen spaces 24/7 along the edge next to Timothy Rd.
      • The parking space immediately in front of the RE hall door will be designated “No Parking” to allow easier pedestrian access to the temporary building entrance.
    • Some meetings, activities, events will be temporarily relocated to other rooms, times, or off-site*.
    • Sunday Morning Worship
      • Continues at 9:00 am & 11:00 am through April 15.
      • Because of reduced parking, more people are urged to attend at 9:00 am. Carpooling will be strongly encouraged.
      • “Summer schedule” — one service at 10:30 am — begins April 22.
    • Forum will take a hiatus beginning in April (last Forum on March 18).
  • Phase 2:  Renovation of existing Fellowship Hall – mid July through August 2018.
    • The new addition will be put into use:  new main entrance, new administrative offices (administrator, DRE, Minister), new conference room, new large multi-purpose room, and new restrooms.
    • New Cheatham Road parking lot opened with access via a paved path and new side door to the building.
    • No direct indoor connection during this phase between RE wing (incl. kitchen) and the rest of the building (a challenge for coffee hour and meals).
    • Contractor access will be from the parking lot through the playground (playground will be accessible on Sundays).
  • Phase 3:  Renovation of Sanctuary – September & October 2018.
    • Renovated Fellowship Hall will open up to new Gathering Hall.
    • Worship services will be held in the expanded Fellowship Hall/Gathering Space.
    • Contractor access will be from the parking lot through the playground (playground will be accessible on Sundays).
  • Building Dedication – late November or early December 2018

*NOTE:  A Board-appointed task force (Rev. Alison, Shaye, Amber, Kelli, Liz Weaver from the Board, Herb West from Ministry Council, Iva King from the Building Project Committee) is guiding the Fellowship through this process, and is charged with making decisions about meeting space conflicts and priorities.  Details will be conveyed in a timely manner to the congregation and congregational leaders, as well as to rental groups.

We want to hear from you!

EOV Building Project Committee (BPC):

Iva King, Chair
Bob McArthur, Board Representative
John Olive, Project Treasurer (Naming and recognition sub-committee)
Herb West, Ministry Council Representative (Sanctuary function and design sub-committee)
Roger Moore (Landscape sub-committee)
Sarah Cook (Playground and RE sub-committee)
Jane Mayer (Administration and Meeting Spaces sub-committee)
Carol-Lee Baker (Kitchen sub-committee)
Barb Schell (Aesthetics sub-committee)
Rev. Alison Eskildsen

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Project History:

For a short history of the project including links to major documents, click here.