Oh, the Places We Will Go!

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Athens is moving to “theme-based church.”  We are excited in having the opportunity to create multiple ways for people of all ages to be able to explore an idea, going deeper in so many ways – both as individuals and together in our groups – all around a common theme.

JULY Recreation, Re-Creation Play, Leisure, Restore, Rejuvenate, Create Anew
AUGUST Interdependence Hospitality, Web, Connections
SEPTEMBER Balance Harmony, Equilibrium, Labor Day, Fall Equinox
OCTOBER Insight Awareness, Clarity, Mystery, Days of Awe, Diwali
NOVEMBER Reconstruction Transform, Letting Go, Vulnerable, Destruct/Create
DECEMBER Illumination Perspective, Winter Solstice/Longest Night
JANUARY Commitment Wants/Needs, Resolutions, Goals, Capital Campaigh/Budget
FEBRUARY Listening Seeing with Heart, Solitude, Quiet Reflection, Compassion
MARCH Brokenness Journeys/Outlook, Healing Wounds, Spring Equinox
APRIL Transformation Emergence, Passover, Easter, Earth Day
MAY Revelation Intuition, Invitation, Seeing Beyond, Full Spectrum
JUNE Adventure Creativity, Play, Joy