During Rev. Eskildsen’s time away from UUFA (March 2017 – July 2017), a variety of guest ministers and other speakers filled the Sunday worship schedule.

Past guest speakers:

Lee Reed  retired from the University of Georgia in 2010 as the Scherer Chair in Public Affairs and Meigs Professor of Legal Studies. He has been a serious amateur photographer for over 30 years with publication covers and contest awards to his credit. He has studied the similarities of prayer and meditation in various religions.

Clela Reed retired in 2003 from a career in gifted education and as head of the English Department at Athens Academy. She has published in a variety of literary journals and is the author of four volumes of poetry.

(June 11th)



Jim Leebens-Mack is a professor of Plant Biology at the University of Georgia.  Michelle, Lay Minister Emerita of the UUFA, is a registered nurse working in a variety of locations.  They have attended UU congregations in Texas, Tennessee, New York, and Pennsylvania since the early ‘90’s.

(June 18th)





Rosemary Woodel began her love for travel in 1992 when she and Gene Halski visited his family in Ukraine where even running water was unavailable.  Upon retirement from UGA they traveled through parts of western Canada to get to a Ukrainian Festival in Vegreville.  Since then she has enjoyed traveling with friends, family and alone, believing that these adventures challenge her. 

(June 25th)



Marguerite Holmes joined UUFA in 2004.  She has been a member of the choir her whole time here, considering it an essential part of her “sanity factor.”  She has served on the Personnel Committee, Stewardship Committee, Face Time Committee, as President and Member of the Board of Trustees, and as a Visiting Steward for the Capital Campaign.  “I always thought my newbie enthusiasm for UUFA would wear off eventually.  The opposite has happened:  It has gotten stronger every year,” she said. She and Rosemary Woodel have been on a number of travel adventures together.

(June 25th)



Kate Blane and Dan Everett are long time members of the UUFA.  For the last 4 to 5 years, they have co-led a summer service and enjoy the teamwork and exploration that goes into it. Their passions include animal justice and ecological sustainability.  (July 9th)




Lee Cornell, Susie Weller, and Karen Solheim – Lee Cornell, immediate past UUFA president​; Susie Weller, Social Action Committee member; Karen Solheim, Justice Lay Minister.  (July16th)




Three of the young adults involved with the UUFA will present their takes on the idea of “roots and wings,” the theme for the month. Rebecca Vander Plaats is an Athens native who has returned home after leaving for a while; Molly Williams has lived in many places during her lifetime, but feels a real call to put down some roots in Athens; Chase White feels that the UUFA is a place that gives him both roots and wings. They’ll have interesting tales to tell! (July 23rd)




Melanie Hennings, Marco Messori, and their children have always loved traveling as a way to honor their traditions, their roots, and the desire to soar high by experiencing the places and people they encounter. Melanie has traveled in many countries and can speak four languages fluently. Marco started travelling more after meeting Melanie and lives in another country from where he was born. Their son lived in Paris, France, his first year of life and enjoys visiting his Italian extended family as much as he can. Their daughter can speak some Italian and can use this language as a secret family code. (July 30th)