Worship in July

The theme for the month of July is — Roots & Wings

2 JULY — Do Values Matter? A Sharing Service Dr. David Jarrett will facilitate our annual sharing service. This is the service in which members of the congregation participate actively instead of listening to one speaker giving a message. The theme for the service is “Do Values Matter?” What values are the most important to you? Which values does this congregation actually live by, as shown by our actions, rather than just our words? How about this nation? What should be the most important values for our country? Do values really matter?  Please bring a reading or quote, poem or song related to this topic to share with the congregation during the service (about 5 minutes per person). We depend on you to make this a meaningful service each time, and our congregation has never disappointed.  Service led by member Dr. David Jarrett, with BlUUgrass Folks.

9 July — Embracing Vulnerability  We are hard wired for connection and have a deep need for love and belonging. The key to this emotional depth and the courage to risk new experiences rests in our ability to be vulnerable; an uncomfortable concept for many of us. Following the work of Brene Brown, we  explore how to embrace vulnerability in our lives.  Service led by members Kate Blane and Dan Everett.

16 July — YoUU Are Not Alone Join UUFA delegates in exploring this year’s UUA General Assembly in general and its theme of “Resist and Rejoice” in particular. Service led by members Karen Solheim, Lee Cornell, and Susie Weller

23 July — Deep Roots and Wide Wings Three of the young adults involved with the UUFA will present their takes on the idea of “roots and wings,” the theme for the month. Rebecca Vander Plaats is an Athens native who has returned home after leaving for a while; Molly Williams has lived in many places during her lifetime, but feels a real call to put down some roots in Athens; Chase White feels that the UUFA is a place that gives him both roots and wings. They’ll have interesting tales to tell! Service is led by members Rebecca Vander Plaats, Molly Williams, and Chase White

30 July — Roots Hold Me Close; Wings Set Me FreeMelanie, Marco, Nicoló and Maddalena have always loved traveling as a way to honor their traditions, their roots, and the desire to soar high by experiencing the places and people they encounter. Melanie has traveled in many countries and can speak four languages fluently. Marco started travelling more after meeting Melanie and lives in another country from where he was born. Nicoló lived in Paris, France, his first year of life and enjoys visiting his Italian extended family as much as he can. Maddalena can speak some Italian and can use this language as a secret family code. Where are their roots and wings? Where can they honor their inherent worth and dignity in a free and responsible search for truth and meaning?Service led by members Melanie Hennings & Marco Messori with Nicolo & Maddalena

Sunday morning Forums are on hiatus now and will resume in September.  The 2017-2018 schedule is TBD.