Worship in October

October’s all-UUFA theme: Truth and Vulnerability

Services begin at 9 & 11 am

October 1 – Faith and Freedom  By 1557, Transylvania’s Queen Isabella and her son, King John, allowed their subjects religious freedom, thus separating faith from sovereignty. Is the wall of separation crumbling in the U.S. today? Service led by Rev. Alison Eskildsen.

October 8– The Honest Truth  Being open and honest with ourselves and others risks being vulnerable. Can we balance protecting who we are while being who we are? Kids and adults, bring a stuffed animal or other comfort item for a special blessing ceremony. Service led by Rev. Alison Eskildsen.

October 15 – A Truth Among Truths  We are determined to change the world for the good. We would like to do so based on the most reliable “truths” and yet we are facing truth that is based on an “alternative fact”.  Let us explore how we move toward the good amid so many “truths”. With guest minister The Rev. Duncan Teague and UUFA’s Chalice Choir.

October 22 – Searching for Truth & Meaning  Unitarian Universalism’s 4th Principle encourages us to find our own ultimate truth. Have you found it yet? Service led by Rev. Alison Eskildsen.

October 29 – Facing the Truth of Death  We live as if we have unlimited tomorrows. How would our lives differ if we knew the actual number of our days? Service led by Rev. Alison Eskildsen with Fellowship members and the Chalice Choir.

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