weaving the threads of community

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wondering with AWE

  • AWE returns in August

    Rev. Alison is on study leave during July, a time to plan ahead for the new program year. ‘Wondering with AWE’ will return in August,

care connections

  • Caring Card Corner

    On Sunday morning during Joys and Sorrows, do you ever think, I really want to send a card to ….but then somehow you never manage to get that card to the mailbox? We have put together a box that contains everything you need to get a card ready to drop in the mailbox. This box which contains cards, pens, postage stamps and a member directory, will be on a card table in the Fellowship Hall every Sunday. Then we will mail the cards on Monday. Please visit this table and write a card to let a fellow member know that you care.


  • Care Notes: Bleyle, Dendy, and Adams

    John Bleyle, a long-time member of UUFA, regretfully passed away June 26 after bravely battling prostate cancer. He and Jean, his wife, joined UUFA in 2007. A memorial service celebrating his life will take place this Sunday, July 1, at 2 pm, with a reception following the service. 

    Larry Dendy is currently recovering after heart surgery at Piedmont Athens Regional; hopefully, he will be able to move to a rehab facility soon. Please note he is not able to receive visitors at this time. Cards or emails are welcome.

    Jerry Adams, also a long-time UUFA member, sadly passed away on June 20 after a cancer diagnosis. Our deepest sympathies go out to his wife, Pat, and their family. At this time we have no information regarding whether a memorial service will be held or not.


membership & volunteers

  • July Volunteer Spotlight: Barbara Leissner

    UUFA is closing in on 1000 Sundays highlighted by Barbara Leissner’s Order of Service covers! Since 2000 she has shared her pen and ink designs to capture each Sunday’s theme. For the past several years Barbara has also sold beautifully colored cards in the Rolling Market with part of the proceeds benefiting the Fellowship. A charter member of the Volunteer Recognition Team, she has added her touch to many of the gifts as well as helped organize the recognitions. In SAC Barbara represents the Ark and makes sure donated cans get to the food bank. How lucky we are that Barbara shares her art and her commitment with us!



  • Ministry Council Meeting Notes, June 27, 2018

    Present:  Lee (facilitator), Amber (timekeeper), Iva (notetaker), Alison, Karen, Kelli, Vivian, Herb, Carol-Lee, Hilda

    Check-In – Out-going LMs reflections on past accomplishments; in-coming LMs hopes:

    VivianLifespan Development: 100+ folks participated in SGM including a young adult group and a group at Lanier Gardens for older members; hiring of a permanent DRE

    Herb – Spiritual Arts: efforts to have services be “less white” and less time-constrained; AV improvements including use of a monitor for songs, readings and more during services

    Ange – Fun & Fellowship: consistent roster of coffee hour volunteers; trip to Montgomery

    Hilda- Connection & Outreach and Justice: Building the World We Dream Of study group

    Lee – Spiritual Arts: continuation of “less white” efforts; additional spiritual diversity through conversations with groups such a pagans and humanists

    Carol-Lee – Fun & Fellowship: involve members who are less active in coffee hour; revamp some membership committee activities with emphasis on families

    Iva -Lifespan Development: Wednesday night dinner with emphasis on families; second book group focused on religious/spiritual books; campus ministry

    Amber – Music Ministry: continue community outreach; intergenerational activities; pastoral care through music

    Kelli – DRE: successful World Café; more involvement of youth in worship services

    Allison – Minister: Athens Interfaith Clergy success despite some challenges

    Old Business:

    • UU World A reporter interviewed Alison and several LM’s at General Assembly. He and a photographer plan to visit UUFA the weekend of August 19th.
    • Retreat Planning Saturday, July 7, potluck at Vivian’s, time changed to 9 AM – 1 PM, Purpose of the retreat will be to solidify intentions for the 2018-19 program year by setting objectives that prioritize the 4 big goals agreed upon during the January planning retreat. We will try to focus on fewer but more impactful events. Goals and details can be found in the Google MC folder, search “Programmatic Vision” or paste this URL:


    • We should also bring major program ideas on the post-its provided, using a felt-marker so words can be read at a distance!
    • Kelli asked that if possible folks email major program ideas in advance of the retreat so we can think about them in advance.
    • Cluster Portfolio development – We agreed upon a tentative shuffling of clusters. Alison will develop a chart to have at the retreat. Much discussion centered on how to best address areas of Community Outreach, Interfaith Connections, Racial Justice, and Family Engagement.

    New Business: Reflections from General Assembly will occur at another time.

    Future Business:

    • Discussion of Stepping Stones Table – possibly rename it? Make it more prominent?
    • Revamp LM monthly report template to include addressing the four 2018-19 Goals?

    Next MC Meeting – July 17, Facilitator Iva


forum & conversations that matter

  • Conversations that Matter: Disagreement and Respect – Can They Go Together?

    July 12, 2018, 7:30 p.m,  By ZOOM Web Conference

    A ZOOM Web Conference is easy to participate in. The first requirement is that you let us know you want to be invited to participate by sending an e-mail to: jschell@uga.edu. You will need a computer, tablet or smart phone with a video camera and access to the internet. You also have the option of calling a telephone number to participate using your phone. — John Schell

    It’s Summer time, many of our members are gone for vacation and family time. To keep the continuity of the Conversations that matter, we are planning a new approach by using Zoom Web Conference.

    First, about the topic: This morning I was in the Dunkin Doughnuts (don’t tell Barb) when I overheard a bit of conversation that went like this: “… they just need to make up a reason to fire the special prosecutor… then it’s all over…” I immediately silently judged: Huh, another uninformed republican! On reflection, how unkind and unfair of me. However, that person and I might disagree they are due my respect.

    It is sure that my little story is not new to anyone of us. So, how do we disagree while showing respect and acceptance of others and their opinions? We will set aside two hours to engage in a Conversation that Matters on this topic. We have the power to stop the unnecessary division that is ripping civil society apart.

    Second, about the technology:


  • Forum Returns in the Fall

    Do you have good ideas? Do you know people? If so, you are invited to become a member of the 2018-19 Forum Committee to help plan, promote, and introduce next year’s Forums. Need more information?  See any member of the current Forum Committee:  Kate Blane, Frank Boardman, Gary Crider, David Jarrett, or Karen Solheim. Ready to join?  Contact Karen Solheim (justice@uuathensga.org or 706.202.7515).


  • Come Scrabble with UUs!

    Every third Friday, all are welcome to come play and bring your own set.

    For more information, Kathy Larson, 317-855-0009, kathylyndall@gmail.com.


  • It’s a party…You’re invited! 🙂

    Who:     YOU

    What:    are invited to a party

    When:   Saturday, August 25, from 5-8 p.m.

    Where:  No 3 Railroad Street, Arnoldsville

    Why:     to celebrate birthdays!  Myrna Adams West and Herb West each turned SEVENTY this summer.

    Please bring a finger food to share.

    In lieu of gifts, a donation can be made to the Jeannette Rankin Foundation.

    For further information, contact Beth Willmitch (willmitchb@bellsout.net or 786.395.2701).



  • Wed. Night Social Time & Potluck Continue Through Summer

    Beat the heat with your UUFA Wednesday Night Potluck folks throughout the summer. Wednesday potluck is a 35 year tradition at UUFA. All are welcome!  Just bring a dish or a feast to share (homemade or purchased) at 6 pm and enjoy a glass of wine, good food and interesting conversation.  Hope to see you there.


  • 2nd Lookers on Summer Hiatus

    Second Lookers begins meeting again in September 11, 2018, at 12 Noon. If you’re an adult wishing to take a ‘second look’ at life, please join the group. Bring your own bag lunch and be together to talk or enjoy an occasional program or activity. Gatherings generally last an hour.

    The group will usually meet at the Fellowship, but occasionally will be scheduled at Talmage Terrace & Lanier Gardens, or elsewhere. Check the UUFA calendar for location. To be added to the list of people who receive advance postcard notices, please contact Sally Randall at (706) 769-7540, or Hester Meyers at (706) 548-4182.


  • Hurry! Hurry! Deadlines for the Congregational Retreat!!!

    July 21st:  This is the UUFA deadline for adult scholarship applications to be returned to the UUFA office, or to Kelli McConnell. Please get a scholarship application from the small table in the entrance to the sanctuary at UUFA, or let Shaye Gambrell, office administrator, know you need one by calling the UUFA office at 706-546-7914.  If you apply for a scholarship, please go ahead at register at the website below, just make no payment until your scholarship is credited about the 1st of August.

    July 31st: This is the Mountain deadline to receive the $20 early-bird discount for adult registration, which means that the food and lodging for the weekend will be $170, not $190.  To register, go to the Mountain website at  http://themountainrlc.org/event/2018-uufa-congregational-retreat/

    Even though children and youth through age 17 are free this year, please register them with the Mountain, so they’ll know these folks are coming.

    For information about the retreat, go to  http://uuathensga.org/fellowship/all-uufa-retreat-2018/

    Please join us! Many folks are volunteering their time and energies to make this the largest, most workshop-filled, and fun retreat yet. Let’s Make Room for Creative Connections on top of a beautiful mountain!

    For questions, contact Vivian Sellers at vpsellers@gmail.com .


expanding our vision

  • Important schedule update for building renovation

    Work is moving ahead on the Phase 1 building addition and renovation:  We passed the latest building and MEP (mechanical-electrical-plumbing) inspections and insulation and drywall is being installed.  The three new heating & air units have been installed on the roof.  Masons continue to lay brick on the exterior of the addition.  And the landscape contractor is moving full speed on the new parking lot and the sidewalk from it to the building.

    Important schedule update:  We hope that Phase 1 (the new addition) will be completed and ready to move into by mid-September.  However, to make up some time lost due to excessive rain in May & June, CloverLeaf plans to start Phase 2 (Fellowship Hall & RE hallway) in early August, before the new addition is finished and ready to use.  This will affect the use of those spaces during each week for much of August—some activities (Wednesday potluck, group and committee meetings, and other activities including rentals) may have to be relocated or canceled.  Affected groups and committees are being notified.

    Phase 3 (Sanctuary renovation) is currently planned to start in early September, at which time Sunday services will be shifted to the Fellowship Hall, and items in the sanctuary will need to be removed and stored elsewhere.  We hope to resume services in a newly renovated Sanctuary in October.

    For questions or information about the work, contact Iva King or Herb West.  For schedule changes or concerns, contact Rev. Alison or Shaye. For an archive of these updates and more, go to: http://uuathensga.org/uufa/eov/


  • Building Update: Continued Progress

    Every day, more progress is being made on the addition. This week, the exterior sheathing was installed and waterproofed, the windows for the offices and multipurpose room were installed, and the masons began to lay the brick exterior.

    The roofers installed the the roofing on Friday.  Flashing and connecting the roof drains still remains to be completed!  But the building is nearly dried in, although the large opening at the entrance to the Gathering Hall needs to be temporarily sealed until the “storefront” (glass and entry doors) can be assembled and installed.

    Work on roughing in mechanical (heating & air), electrical, and plumbing continues. Once the MEP rough-in is inspected and approved, and the building dried in, insulation and then drywall will follow.

    As always, if you have questions or want more information, contact Iva King or Herb West.


  • It’s Beginning to Look like a New Building!

    The framing for the addition is mostly complete.  The exterior wall sheathing is being installed, and the electrical, mechanical (heating & air), and plumbing is being roughed-in.

    The water line from the main at Timothy Road to the building is to be rerouted tomorrow (Friday), requiring the water to be shut off for much of the day.  This is necessary so the line can go around rather than under the building addition.

    Grading work on the new parking lot has resumed now and will continue unless we get more heavy rains.  Weather and unexpected issues have put the project almost a month behind schedule.

    We’re optimistic that the roofers have fixed the roof leak over the kitchen.  The leak is unrelated to the building expansion project, but the result of wear and tear on our old roof and the roof drains.  Regular inspection and maintenance of the existing roof is needed in order to prevent additional problems.

    If you have questions or concerns, please contact either Iva King (770-328-7928 or ivaking@bellsouth.net) or Herb West (706-614-5644 or herbwest48@gmail.com) who oversee the project on UUFA’s behalf and are in daily contact with the contractors and the architect.


  • Try a Sample Chair on Sunday

    Sample chairs for the new multi-purpose room and the fellowship hall will be delivered on Friday, 6/29.  They will be placed in the Fellowship Hall.   Be sure to try them out, and share your comments in the envelopes provided.  We want your input so we can make the best decision for a good investment in seating comfort!  Keep in mind that the chairs we select need to be comfortable, portable, storable and flexible for use in a variety of ways (seated rows for some events, at tables for other events, and in the sanctuary for really big events such as workshops and Winter Solstice.  Any questions can be directed to Barbara Schell, Chair EOV Aesthetics team via email bschell@brenau.edu or cell phone 706 540-7908.


denominational affairs

  • UUA Matters: July 2018 Southern Region Newsletter

    To read the July 2018 Southern Region Newsletter,

    click here.


  • Side with Love: Keep Families Together & #AbolishICE
    The UUFA Sanctuary Movement Team invites your participation at the Arch at 10 a.m. on Saturday, June 30.  Activists are organizing a nationwide effort on June 30 to protest the policy of separating families at the US-Mexico border.
    Hosted by Athens Immigrant Rights Coalition, Dignidad Inmigrante en Athens, Community Support for Families in Crisis Due to Deportation, U-Lead Athens, A4E. Please click here and here for more information.
    At General Assembly, we witnessed our faith’s ability to vision a freer future as our General Assembly heard a proposed Action of Immediate Witness on ending family separation and abolishing ICE.
    “…Unitarian Universalists are called urgently to prophetic witness and concrete action that would stop the incarceration and separation of asylum seekers and to call for the abolition of ICE. We are called to do this work in relationship with immigrant-led organizers, and to support and amplify their goals and their voices, through monetary donations and by showing up.” (draft text as of June 23, 2018)

    Join us in SAN FRANCISCO on Monday, July 2. RSVP here. Can’t make it to San Diego in person?
    • JOIN together in ATHENS with Sanctuary Movement Team members THIS Saturday at the Arches downtown Athens. (Info above.)
    • Donate to support Mijente’s #FreeOurFuture work and make sure that frontline young people, immigrants (many undocumented), Indigenous folks and other working class folks who otherwise would not be able to attend, are there!
    • Learn more about ICE and how they are harming our communities.
    • Follow, amplify and share widely information about Mijente’s #AbolishICE #ShutDownSessions #FreeOurFuture campaign.

    Click here to read more.


  • Love Resists Family Separation–You can too!

    Love resists family detention and separation,

    and you can too.

    Click here for further information.


    Love Resists is a joint campaign by the Unitarian Universalist Association and the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee.



  • SGM registration opens in August!

    Small Group Ministry (SGM) registration for the 2018-9 year is coming soon. Please consider signing up to join a group as a way to explore service topics at a deeper level and to meet and connect with other UUFA members in a more meaningful way. You must register again even if you are in a group currently. If you have any questions, please contact Kelly Simonson (simonson72@hotmail.com) or Melanie Hennings (melaniehennings@gmail.com).


  • Hogwarts Sunday School

    Hogwarts Sunday School
    Kids are invited to dress in their Wizard’en Best! 

     **Dates and lessons are subject to change with plenty of notice!!**

    July 1 –  Transfiguration
    This class might include cooking…this lesson plan is still unfolding

    July 8 –  Herbology
    A look at the magical herbs around us and how they help us stay healthy

    July 15 – Divination
    Students build their own pendulums and learn how to use them

    July 22 – Care of Magical Creatures
    Magical Creatures (and regular old creatures) need special care and attention – we are going to try and get a Ranger from the Forest Service to come with some Magical Creatures for this special lesson.

    July 29 – Defense Against the Dark Arts

    August 5 – Treasure Hunt with Magical Clues
    A magic-filled scavenger hunt

    August 12 – no Hogwarts – all ages Worship Service in the Sanctuary

    August 19 –  Quidditch Match and outdoor games

    (*We need volunteers this Summer to help us teach these magical lessons! All lessons and materials are provided for volunteers. There is a Doodle Poll for sign ups – if any of these themes/dates resonate, let our DRE Kelli McConnell know by expressing interest on the poll.)


spiritual arts

  • Collect Water for the Annual Ceremony

    On August 12, UUFA will hold its annual Water Ceremony as part of the Sunday service.

    We invite you to bring a small sample of water from a location near or far that symbolizes a significant change in your life or new understanding that might have occurred during the summer or since last year’s ritual gathering of water. A time to note these transformations will occur during the service.


  • Audio-Visual Technician Job Opening

    UUFA Seeks an Audio-Visual Technician Sunday morning services include many forms of technology. We use microphones to be sure people hear what’s said or sung, and several are used with skits or bands. We display hymn lyrics so people familiar with the tunes can keep the hymnal closed and sing more fully. We record many services and hope to make them available online for people not present on Sunday. And, we sometimes display a short video or series of photos to communicate the message to meet a variety of learning styles.

    This increased use of communication technology now exceeds our volunteer capacity. We wish to hire a qualified person to fulfill these many audio-visual needs.

    For more information or to apply for this position (to begin as soon as a qualified candidate is identified), please go to our website, Job Openings http://uuathensga.org/uufa/jobs



  • Worship in July; All-Fellowship theme: Diversity

    July 1 Religion, Science and Syncretism  Aspects of science and religion have much in common. Discoveries in each assert an underlying unity. Service led by Lee Reed.

    July 8Cultivating Your Spirit Beyond Social Justice  Mokah-Jasmine Johnson will share her personal experience as an activist and discuss how fighting for social justice can either block or help cultivate your spiritual growth. She will encourage attendees to follow their intuitive spirit and go beyond their civic duty to achieve social change and equity for all!

    July 15Better Than We Think?  Historian Steven Pinker argues that our world is getting  better, not worse. Is this true, and how does this impact us as UUs? Service led by Kate Blane and Dan Everett.

    July 22 Navigating with Square Sails  Mariners of old did not have the benefit of movable triangular sails. Before that discovery, square sails caught the wind and provided propulsion but offered little in the way of directional control. Sailors went where they were driven by the direction of the wind. The Greek word, pneumas, is the same for spirit and for wind. Is your life wind driven by a square sail, or are you spirit driven with triangular sails? Service led by Rev. Dr. Don Randall.

    July 29All Are Called Service led by UUFA’s delegates to General Assembly.

    Services at 10:30 am unless otherwise noted below. Forum on hiatus during construction.


  • July 27: Join the fight for immigrant rights!

    The UUFA Sanctuary Movement Team (SMT) as part of the Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition  invites you to join Dignidad Inmigrante En Athens (DIA) for the following action:

    Event:          “Caravan of Cars”
    Date:             Friday July 27
    Time:            4pm-Gather at Georgia Square Mall to decorate vehicles w/balloons etc.
                         5pm-Cars organize and begin traveling to downtown Athens
    Purpose:      Get the attention of Athens-Clarke Co gov. sending the message: NO ARREST FOR NO LICENSE!
    Click here for further information.
  • PARES Opportunity: Uniform Exchange

    School is starting soon, and your help is needed now.

    What:   Uniform Exchange (for students at Alps Road Elementary School)

    When:  collecting now for the 2018-19 Academic Year

    What:    gently used clothing sizes 3 T through 9

          collared shirts (royal, navy, or light blue)                                                                    pants, shorts, or skirts (khaki, navy, or black)

    Not a fan of shopping?  Monetary donations accepted.

    How:     Deposit donations (clothing or monetary) in designated container under the sanctuary entrance table.  Checks should be made payable to UUFA with PARES in the subject line.

    Questions?  Contact UUFA PARES liaison Caryl Sundland (csundland@netscape.net or 706.425.8575).

    As the result of a vote at the May 20, 2018, Annual Meeting,
    UUFA is in partnership with Alps Road Elementary School
    through the Clarke County School District’s Adopt-a-School Program.


  • August 4: Justice Partner (AADM) News

    AADM Civil Rights Advocates Committee is designed to fight back against discrimination, bring awareness to systemic racism, address racial profiling and police brutality. AADM Advocates provide resources, facilitate conversations or campaign to help defend your civil or human rights.

    If you would like to become an AADM-Civil Rights Advocate or learn more about the program, join in August 4 @12:30 pm at the Athens-Clarke County Library on Baxter St.

    Click here for more information.

    The Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement is a UUFA Justice Partner.


  • UPDATE–UUFA Diaper Drive: A Cause You Can Really Get Behind! 🙂

    Diaper-DriveThe UUFA Sanctuary Movement Team (SMT) sponsored a diaper drive through July 15, and many thanks to all who contributed.

    However, the need for diapers for immigrant families in the Athens area continues as two newborns are expected, so the diaper drive has been extended through August 5.

    Sizes needed are as follows:  newborn, 1 and 6.

    Please place the diapers you bring under the CANtribution basket (as you enter the sanctuary).

    Questions?  Contact SMT member Nancy MacNair (ncmacnair@gmail.com)

    The Sanctuary Movement Team is part of the UUFA Justice Cluster.


  • August 2: Justice Partner (AADM) news

    The ACLU of Georgia, Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement, and Economic Justice coalition will host the Athens Smart Justice Roundtable-Reduce Mass Incarceration Part 2 as an effort to combat racial disparities in the criminal justice system. Join us to make a difference in our great city of Athens!

    August 2; 5:30-7:30
    Athens Clarke County Library, Baxter Street

    Click here for more information.

    The Athens Anti-Discrimination Movement is a UUFA Justice Partner.


  • Sanctuary Movement Team: Buddy help needed

    The Sanctuary Movement Team shares the following information from the Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition about members of the Athens immigrant community:

    1.  We have a buddy who is having a hysterectomy this Friday – good news was that the cancer was only at stage one and it seems that this surgery is the only treatment she will need!
    Unfortunately, she will be unable to work for awhile while she recovers. Her mother is flying in from Guatemala this week to help take care of her and they spent every dime they had on her plane ticket. She expressed to me that she is worried about what they will eat while she is here.
    From ISC, we would both like to procure food for the family and help with the SNAP application process. That would mean going to DCFS to help her complete the forms and we think within a week or two they will get their food stamps. Is a lengthy process, but she can change the language in the form to complete it in Spanish.


    2.  One of our buddies wondered if we could see if ISC could work some magic for them.  One of the daughters is going to be getting her driver’s license soon, and they are hoping to find a car they can afford.  I don’t need to tell you, or anyone in ISC, how much of a difference a car and a driver’s license can make to a family with un(der)documented members, and to the larger community as well. In this particular case, the young woman is a real self-starter and highly motivated to use her new driver’s license to be able to work (in addition to finishing high school and going to college) but also to drive her brothers and other folks in the community to ULead, etc.

    I was wondering if through the ISC networks, we might be able to connect them with a car. They could  pay something toward the cost, and the buddy would be willing to help fundraise for the remainder.


    3.    Angela lives with her three children:  a fourteen-year-old boy, a ten-year-old girl, and an eight-year-old boy.  Angela’s husband was deported, and she has only been able to work part time because her daughter  is autistic and not in school for the summer. She also had a benign tumor removed from her wrist a couple of weeks ago. Community Support paid the rent for July,  but she does not have money for August.

    This family was escaping from El Salvador after an eldest son disappeared in the hands of a gang.

    The family has been living for the past year in a  small trailer with another family.  Angela is reaching out for help to move her family on her own space.
    Can you help in any way?
    • Specific items are needed for the kids:  fluffy toy for the girl, sports shirt for the fourteen–year-old boy, and tennis shoes for the eight-year-old boy (he likes Adidas)
    • Financial help is needed for monthly expenses.  Please put ISC Buddy Support in any checks you write.

    Questions?  Contact Nancy MacNair (ncmacnair@gmail.com or 706.546.5237).

    The Sanctuary Movement Team is part of the UUFA Justice Cluster.


  • July 22: Smart Lunch Smart Kids Sandwich Making and Lunch Assembly
    YoUU are invited to be part of the Smart Lunch Smart Kid sandwich making and lunch assembling on Sunday, July 22, beginning at noon-ish in the kitchen and Fellowship Hall as we make 200 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches lunches for the Smart Lunch Smart Kid program, which provides summer lunches to students who traditionally receive free and reduced-lunches during the school year.
    Contributions needed: 
           bread–enough for 100 sandwiches (200 pieces)
    grape jelly–enough for 100 servings
    peanut butter–enough for 100 servings
    individual fruit snacks (fresh fruit, dried fruit, fruit chips, apple sauce, fruit cups)–enough for 70 servings
    Help needed on Monday, July 23, to deliver the lunches between 9:30 and 10:30 a.m. to the Milledge Avenue Baptist Church. Not a fan of “cooking”?  Monetary contributions are always need.  Please put Smart Lunch Smart Kid in the check memo line.
    Can you help with any of the above in whole or in part?  Please let Caryl Sundland (csundland@aol.com) know before Sunday morning.
    Many thanks to all who contributed time, talent, and/or treasure to the Smart Lunch Smart Kid sandwich making and lunch assembly on July 15.


  • DACA Dollars Still Needed–SAC Monetary Match Now Available!

    Can you contribute towards someone’s DACA renewal fee?

    The UUFA Sanctuary Movement Team thanks all who already contributed financially to the DACA renewal fee of $495.  So far, enough has been collected to sponsor THREE renewal fees!  Many thanks to everyone who already contributed!

    Can we make it four or even five renewal fees?  For every DACA renewal fee dollar contributed from this point forward, the Social Action Committee will match it (up to $495)!

    Since January 2018, U-Lead has helped with 14 DACA applications. More applications are coming soon.

    Please write your check to UUFA with DACA in the memo line. Every dollar counts!

    Click here for more information about DACA renewal. 

    For further information about this SMT initiative, contact Nancy MacNair (ncmacnair@gmail.com). 

    The Sanctuary Movement Team is part of the UUFA Justice Cluster.


  • July 15: Sanctuary Movement Team

    Interested in immigrant justice within the Athens community and ways you can help?

    Join us for the next gathering of the Sanctuary Movement Team on third Sunday of the month–July 15–beginning at noon-ish in the interim admin room (old sofa room).

    To join the Sanctuary Movement Team listserv, click here or go to https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/uufa-sanctuary-movement-team/join.

    Need more information?  Contact Karen Solheim, UUFA Justice Lay Minister (justice@uuathensga.org or 706.202.7515) or visit http://www.uua.org/immigration/witness/partners/newsanctuary.

    The Sanctuary Movement Team is part of the UUFA Justice Cluster.


  • July 15: Smart Lunch Smart Kids Sandwich Making and Lunch Assembly
    YoUU are invited to be part of the Smart Lunch Smart Kid sandwich making and lunch assembling on Sunday, July 15, beginning at noon-ish in the kitchen and Fellowship Hall as we make 200 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches lunches for the Smart Lunch Smart Kid program, which provides summer lunches to students who traditionally receive free and reduced-lunches during the school year.
    Contributions needed:  peanut butter, grape jelly, individually wrapped salty snacks (pretzels, trail mix, cheese crackers, peanut butter crackers, veggie chips, etc);individual fruit snacks (fresh fruit, dried fruit, fruit chips, apple sauce, fruit cups)
    Not a fan of “cooking”?  Monetary contributions are always need.  Please put Smart Lunch Smart Kid in the check memo line.
    Not in town on July 15? Join us for  sandwich making, lunch assembling on Sunday, July 22, beginning at noon. Details and sign up links here. 
  • July 13: Join the fight for Immigrant Rights!

    The UUFA Sanctuary Movement Team (SMT) invites you to join Dignidad Inmigrante En Athens (DIA) for a training on Friday, July 13, at Oconee Street United Methodist Church, 595 Oconee Street.

    Deepen your commitment to immigrant rights in Athens.  Led by the migrant community this is your opportunity to join the movement and help shape Athens history. At this training you’ll learn how YOUR unique skills and personality can make a huge difference in OUR movement.


  • July 23: Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition

    You are invited to the next meeting of the Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition to be held on Monday, July 23, from 7-8:30 p.m. at Oconee Street UMC.

    The Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition, comprised of members of some 15+ faith communities serving the Athens area, is dedicated to offering hospitality, safety, and opportunities for all immigrants, regardless of status, to participate fully in our shared community.

    For further information, contact UUFA Sanctuary Movement Team member Nancy MacNair (ncmacnair@gmail.com).


  • July 8: Social Action Committee

    Be the change you want to see in the world. You are invited to attend the next meeting of the Social Action Committee (SAC) Sunday, July 8, beginning at noon in interim board room.

    Can’t attend?  If you would like to know what transpires in the UUFA SAC, join the SAC listerv here: http://lists.uuathensga.org/listinfo.cgi/social_action-uuathensga.org This listserv will let you know what transpires not only in the UUFA SAC but also in the local Athens area in terms of social action. Everyone is encouraged to sign up!

    FYI–SAC meetings are usually held the first Sunday of the month; the July meeting was changed to accommodate those out of town for the Fourth of July.

    For more information, contact SAC Chair David Jarrett (daviduufa@gmail.com).

    The Social Action Committee is part of UUFA’s Justice Cluster.


  • July 19 and 20: Our Daily Bread

    What’s cooking? Hopefully you might be. 🙂 Help is needed on Thursday, July 19, at 2 p.m. to prepare the monthly meal for Our Daily Bread. Help is also needed on Friday, July 20, from 11:30 to 1 to serve the meal. Interested? Questions? Contact David Jarrett (daviduufa@gmail.com or 706.338.2798).

    Our Daily Bread Community Kitchen serves breakfast and lunch Monday-Friday and a sack meal on the weekends. Annually, this program provides more than 60,000 nutritious meals with gracious hospitality to men, women, and children in need and offers a gateway to other transformational services. Partnering with more than 70 volunteer groups. Our Daily Bread in Athens has served meals seven days per week, 365 days per year since 1989.

    Questions? Contact David Jarrett (daviduufa@gmail.com or 706.338.2798).

    Our Daily Bread outreach is part of UUFA’s Justice Cluster.


  • Save the Date-August 12: PARES Ice Cream Social

    Participating in PARES already?
    Planning on participating in PARES this program year?

    Wanting to know more about what PARES (Partnership with Alps Road Elementary School) is?

    Attend the PARES Ice Cream Social on Sunday, August 12, from noon to 1 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.

    For further information, contact Caryl Sundland (csundland@aol.com or 706.425.8575).

    PARES is a congregation-wide initiative sponsored by the UUFA Justice Cluster.


  • July 1: INHA Training Opportunity

    Interfaith Hospitality Network of Athens, GA. Helping Those In Need

    The Interfaith Hospitality Network of Athens, Inc.  is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide immediate shelter and guidance to homeless families with children, due to the impact of misfortunes upon their lives. Once accepted into our program, IHNA provides food, shelter, daycare, and transportation as needed.

    Interested in becoming a volunteer with IHNA?
    Please attend the following training session: Sunday, July 1, noon at Athens Church of Christ. For more information, contact UUFA IHNA Coordinator Mark Hodges (markhodges4427@gmail.com). Support of IHNA is part of UUFA’s Justice Cluster


  • Love Resists Family Separation–You can too!

    Love resists family detention and separation,

    and you can too.

    Click here for further information.


    Love Resists is a joint campaign by the Unitarian Universalist Association and the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee.


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