• July 22: Smart Lunch Smart Kids Sandwich Making and Lunch Assembly
    YoUU are invited to be part of the Smart Lunch Smart Kid sandwich making and lunch assembling on Sunday, July 22, beginning at noon-ish in the kitchen and Fellowship Hall as we make 200 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches lunches for the Smart Lunch Smart Kid program, which provides summer lunches to students who traditionally receive free and reduced-lunches during the school year.
    Contributions needed: 
    grape jelly–enough for 100 servings
    peanut butter–enough for 100 servings
    individual fruit snacks (fresh fruit, dried fruit, fruit chips, apple sauce, fruit cups)–enough for 50 servings
    Help needed on Monday, July 23, to deliver the lunches between 9:30 and 10:30 a.m. to the Milledge Avenue Baptist Church. Not a fan of “cooking”?  Monetary contributions are always need.  Please put Smart Lunch Smart Kid in the check memo line.
    For further information, contact Caryl Sundland (csundland@aol.com).
    This summer initiative is sponsored by the Social Action Committee (SAC), part of the UUFA Justice Cluster.
  • Building Update: Continued Progress

    Every day, more progress is being made on the addition. This week, the exterior sheathing was installed and waterproofed, the windows for the offices and multipurpose room were installed, and the masons began to lay the brick exterior.

    The roofers installed the the roofing on Friday.  Flashing and connecting the roof drains still remains to be completed!  But the building is nearly dried in, although the large opening at the entrance to the Gathering Hall needs to be temporarily sealed until the “storefront” (glass and entry doors) can be assembled and installed.

    Work on roughing in mechanical (heating & air), electrical, and plumbing continues. Once the MEP rough-in is inspected and approved, and the building dried in, insulation and then drywall will follow.

    As always, if you have questions or want more information, contact Iva King or Herb West.


  • Share Your Ideas for Sunday Topics

    Rev. Alison Eskildsen still wants to know what topics you might like addressed on a Sunday morning. Click on the link below to go to a SIMPLE ‘Check-the-Box’ survey to indicate your interest in some sample topics, and add your own ideas in the space provided.

    Typically, over the course of several months and drawing from a variety of sources, topics cover four basic categories:

    Pastoral (caring for ourselves and recognizing events in our lives)

    Prophetic (caring for the world and speaking truth to power)

    Priestly (observing holidays, rites of passage, etc)

    Rabbinic (growth and learning about significant topics)

    Thank you!

    Click here to share your ideas!


  • Audio-Visual Technician Job Opening

    UUFA Seeks an Audio-Visual Technician Sunday morning services include many forms of technology. We use microphones to be sure people hear what’s said or sung, and several are used with skits or bands. We display hymn lyrics so people familiar with the tunes can keep the hymnal closed and sing more fully. We record many services and hope to make them available online for people not present on Sunday. And, we sometimes display a short video or series of photos to communicate the message to meet a variety of learning styles.

    This increased use of communication technology now exceeds our volunteer capacity. We wish to hire a qualified person to fulfill these many audio-visual needs.

    For more information or to apply for this position (to begin as soon as a qualified candidate is identified), please go to our website, Job Openings http://uuathensga.org/uufa/jobs



  • What touches one affects us all. Can you help?

    The Sanctuary Movement Team shares the following information from the Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition about one member of the Athens immigrant community:

    Angela lives with her three children:  a fourteen-year-old boy, a ten-year-old girl, and an eight-year-old boy.  Angela’s husband was deported, and she has only been able to work part time because her daughter  is autistic and not in school for the summer. She also had a benign tumor removed from her wrist a couple of weeks ago. Community Support paid the rent for July,  but she does not have money for August.

    This family was escaping from El Salvador after an eldest son disappeared in the hands of a gang.

    The family has been living for the past year in a  small trailer with another family.  Angela is reaching out for help to move her family on her own space.
    Can you help in any way?
    • Specific items are needed for the kids:  fluffy toy for the girl, sports shirt for the fourteen–year-old boy, and tennis shoes for the eight-year-old boy (he likes Adidas)
    • Financial help is needed for monthly expenses.  Please put ISC Buddy Support in any checks you write.

    Questions?  Contact Nancy MacNair (ncmacnair@gmail.com or 706.546.5237).

    The Sanctuary Movement Team is part of the UUFA Justice Cluster.


  • UUFA Diaper Drive: A Cause You Can Really Get Behind! 🙂

    Diaper-DriveThe UUFA Sanctuary Movement Team (SMT) is sponsoring a diaper drive now through July 15 for immigrant families in the Athens area. Sizes needed are as follows:  newborn and 1, 2, and 3. Please place the diapers you bring under the CANtribution basket (as you enter the sanctuary). Questions?  Contact SMT member Nancy MacNair (ncmacnair@gmail.com)

    Think of all the babies—Innocent babies—Families ripped apart by arrests for minor violations, like trying to drive to work, without being allowed to get a license; fathers, bread-winners, locked in jail, kept illegally for extra hours; kept for ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement); to be sent to detention (essentially jail), six hours away in rural southwest Georgia; and then deported.

    According to the Sheriff’s statistics, two men each week have been detained, from July 2017 until April, 2018. The total was about twenty men. Twenty families torn, split apart. The babies’ mothers may speak little or no English, have no jobs, income, or transportation. And they often have older children to care for. They are treated as aliens, in an alien land.

    Just think of all the diapers these tiny souls require, as you ponder these numbers and the sizes needed: size “newborn”—3 children, size 1— 4, size 2— 2, size 3–1. And in total, Community Support for Families in Crisis has helped around 132 children whose parents have been detained / deported since before the Sheriff’s recent holds.

    You may not be able to do much for immigrants, but you can make a difference to these families and babies if you simply contribute diapers.  Please think of them and try to help. Ponder these tiny souls and their mothers in your hearts! –Coordinator Nancy MacNair

    THANK YOU to all who have already contributed!


  • July 23: Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition

    You are invited to the next meeting of the Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition to be held on Monday, July 23, from 7-8:30 p.m. at Oconee Street UMC.

    The Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition, comprised of members of some 15+ faith communities serving the Athens area, is dedicated to offering hospitality, safety, and opportunities for all immigrants, regardless of status, to participate fully in our shared community.

    For further information, contact UUFA Sanctuary Movement Team member Nancy MacNair (ncmacnair@gmail.com).


  • DACA Dollars Still Needed–SAC Monetary Match Now Available!

    Can you contribute towards someone’s DACA renewal fee?

    The UUFA Sanctuary Movement Team thanks all who already contributed financially to the DACA renewal fee of $495.  So far, enough has been collected to sponsor almost TWO renewal fees!

    Can we make it three or even four?  For every DACA renewal fee dollar contributed from this point forward, the Social Action Committee will match it (up to $495)!

    Since January 2018, U-Lead has helped with 14 DACA applications. More applications are coming soon.

    Please write your check to UUFA with DACA in the memo line. Every dollar counts!

    Click here for more information about DACA renewal. 

    For further information about this SMT initiative, contact Nancy MacNair (ncmacnair@gmail.com). 

    The Sanctuary Movement Team is part of the UUFA Justice Cluster.


  • July 19 and 20: Our Daily Bread

    What’s cooking? Hopefully you might be. 🙂 Help is needed on Thursday, July 19, at 2 p.m. to prepare the monthly meal for Our Daily Bread. Help is also needed on Friday, July 20, from 11:30 to 1 to serve the meal. Interested? Questions? Contact David Jarrett (daviduufa@gmail.com or 706.338.2798).

    Our Daily Bread Community Kitchen serves breakfast and lunch Monday-Friday and a sack meal on the weekends. Annually, this program provides more than 60,000 nutritious meals with gracious hospitality to men, women, and children in need and offers a gateway to other transformational services. Partnering with more than 70 volunteer groups. Our Daily Bread in Athens has served meals seven days per week, 365 days per year since 1989.

    Questions? Contact David Jarrett (daviduufa@gmail.com or 706.338.2798).

    Our Daily Bread outreach is part of UUFA’s Justice Cluster.


  • Save the Date-August 12: PARES Ice Cream Social

    Participating in PARES already?
    Planning on participating in PARES this program year?

    Wanting to know more about what PARES (Partnership with Alps Road Elementary School) is?

    Attend the PARES Ice Cream Social on Sunday, August 12, from noon to 1 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.

    For further information, contact Caryl Sundland (csundland@aol.com or 706.425.8575).

    PARES is a congregation-wide initiative sponsored by the UUFA Justice Cluster.


  • Hurry! Hurry! Deadlines for the Congregational Retreat!!!

    July 21st:  This is the UUFA deadline for adult scholarship applications to be returned to the UUFA office, or to Kelli McConnell. Please get a scholarship application from the small table in the entrance to the sanctuary at UUFA, or let Shaye Gambrell, office administrator, know you need one by calling the UUFA office at 706-546-7914.  If you apply for a scholarship, please go ahead at register at the website below, just make no payment until your scholarship is credited about the 1st of August.

    July 31st: This is the Mountain deadline to receive the $20 early-bird discount for adult registration, which means that the food and lodging for the weekend will be $170, not $190.  To register, go to the Mountain website at  http://themountainrlc.org/event/2018-uufa-congregational-retreat/

    Even though children and youth through age 17 are free this year, please register them with the Mountain, so they’ll know these folks are coming.

    For information about the retreat, go to  http://uuathensga.org/fellowship/all-uufa-retreat-2018/

    Please join us! Many folks are volunteering their time and energies to make this the largest, most workshop-filled, and fun retreat yet. Let’s Make Room for Creative Connections on top of a beautiful mountain!

    For questions, contact Vivian Sellers at vpsellers@gmail.com .


  • Come Scrabble with UUs!

    Every third Friday, all are welcome to come play and bring your own set.

    For more information, Kathy Larson, 317-855-0009, kathylyndall@gmail.com.


  • UUA Matters: July 2018 Southern Region Newsletter

    To read the July 2018 Southern Region Newsletter,

    click here.


  • Collect Water for the Annual Ceremony

    On August 12, UUFA will hold its annual Water Ceremony as part of the Sunday service.

    We invite you to bring a small sample of water from a location near or far that symbolizes a significant change in your life or new understanding that might have occurred during the summer or since last year’s ritual gathering of water. A time to note these transformations will occur during the service.


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