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  • Building the World We Dream About
    You’re invited to attend the next session of this religious exploration curriculum on Monday, October 23, from 7-9 p.m. Additional meeting dates:  Monday November 6 (7-9 p.m.) and Saturday, November 18 (9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. This series of classes is facilitated by Hilda Kurtz and Vivian Preston Sellers.
  • Sunday Slide Volunteer Needed

    We are looking for one more volunteer to make the hymn lyrics slides for Sunday morning. Can you spend an hour a month making slides for a Sunday?
    We will be meeting after the 11am service on Oct. 22nd to share tips. E-mail Amber Fetner, musicdirector@uuathensga.org if you are interested.

  • Expanding Our Vision Building Update

    We passed an important milestone October 5th when the Athens Clarke County Planning Commission decided to recommend approval of UUFA’s Special Use Permit. Thanks to the careful planning done by Koons Environmental Design, and the EOV Committee’s contact with neighbors, there was no opposition to expansion of our parking. They also voted to not require us to put in a sidewalk along Timothy Road which is a huge relief!

    However, those recommendations must be ratified by the Mayor and Commissioners November 7th. If you know your commissioner, you may want to express your interest in this project and request his or her endorsement.

    Houser Walker Architects have now moved into the Design Development phase of their work. The EOV committee is working with them and the CloverLeaf contractors to further define architectural details and the costs associated with various finishes, etc. Our committee will share an EOV Progress Report Sunday, October 29th during Forum time. Please mark your calendars and plan to be with us that day to see updated drawings!

    Iva King, EOV Building Project Chair

  • Conversations that Matter

    We are living in turbulent and confusing times. More than ever we need to respectfully listen to each other while learning and appreciating new ideas other than our own. This is especially true in our UUFA spiritual community. Recent feedback to surveys has indicated that some individuals are reluctant to voice their opinions. Others decline to speak up when their views are perceived to be at odds with majority views

    On October 29, 12:20 p.m. a new opportunity for deliberative dialogue is offered in the form of Conversations that Matter. These conversations will occur on the 5th Sunday of the month at the Fellowship following the Sunday service.

    The purpose of Conversations that Matter is to create a safe and effective process for UUFA members to explore differing perspectives on “hot topics” within the fellowship. Although conflict is challenging for many, we believe that we can create a deliberative approach for civil discourse. Learning to do that more effectively within our group will enable skills for civil discourse in the world. The expectation is not that everyone will agree, but that each participant has a voice and is better informed about different views or possible actions and attendant consequences. We intend to work towards a grass roots vehicle where ideas come from a variety of sources.

    The focus of our inaugural Conversations that Matter is the following: What do we mean when we say that we use democratic processes here at UUFA? This is focus is prompted by the 5th UU Principle: The right of conscience and the use of democratic processes within our congregation and in society at large. We are starting with this topic as it seems fundamental to effective deliberative discussion and decision making about UUFA issues. If we can have frank dialogue about what we believe should happen, we will build important groundwork for tackling divisive issues that face our fellowship.

    The discussion will be facilitated to ensure a deliberative dialogue approach that will help us move beyond a debate (where winning is the purpose) and discussion (where no particular outcome is expected). Deliberative dialogue moves to understanding a problem and reaching a decision that is best for everyone. “Deliberation happens when a group of people work on a problem as if solving it is up to them and no one else, and when they recognize that they and others will be living with the consequences, both good and bad, of the choices they make” (http://connect.ala.org).

    Please join in Conversations that Matter, October 29, 12:20 p.m. in the Couch Room (or a larger room depending on attendance).

  • UUA Matters: General Assembly 2018

    Program Proposals Now Being Accepted!

    You are invited to submit a program proposal for the 2018 UUA General Assembly – June 20-24 in Kansas City, Missouri. We are especially looking for proposals that address the 2018 theme All Are Called! All proposals must be submitted by Wednesday, November 1 at 3:00 p.m. Eastern. Learn more about the proposal process here. Submit a proposal here.

    General Assembly (GA) is the annual meeting of our Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). Attendees worship, witness, learn, connect, and make policy for the Association through democratic process. Anyone may attend; congregations must certify annually to send voting delegates.

  • UUFA Art in the Foyer

    “What the Refugees Left Behind”

    Photographer William (Bud) Newton writes, “I took these photos in the mountains near Behramkale/Assos, Turkey, in October of 2015. It was during the height of the refugee’s flight towards Europe from Syria, Afghanistan, and Iraq. These photos show some of what was left behind in the refugee camps and on the shores of the Aegean as they made the journey to Lesvos, Greece.”

    Photos on display through October 2017 at UUFA

  • New to UU & UUFA Nov. 4
    The next New to UU & UUFA is scheduled for Saturday, November 4, 8:45 – 12

    Newcomers to UUFA are invited to learn more about us.

    The ‘New to UUFA’ class introduces recent visitors and newcomers to each other and to leaders, as well as to Unitarian Universalism and the Fellowship. Participants will receive information about programs, activities and services at UUFA.

    The class begins at 8:45 a.m with a coffee and breakfast treats and ends by Noon. Child care can be arranged with advance notice.

    A sign-up sheet is at the Visitors Table in the foyer. You can also sign up by e-mailing or calling the Fellowship office (uufa@uuathensga.org) or by contacting Larry Dendy, chair of the Membership Committee (ldendy@uga.edu, 706-546-0431).

  • Tai Chi Flow Classes Ongoing

    Come join us for some Tai Chi and Qigong! Tuesday nights at 6pm. in the Sanctuary. Includes self-massage, breathing exercises, and simple moves for meditation, balance, and fitness. You don’t need to know anything about Tai Chi, just follow along! Join in anytime. Contact Jackie or Bill Pierson – birdfeathr@gmail.com or 706-850-0713.

  • Christmas Angel 2017

    Can you be a Christmas Angel?

    UUFA will again participate in the Department of Family and Children’s Services (DFCS) gift program for needy children. Each holiday season many children in foster care receive few, if any, gifts over the holidays. Due to the generosity of its members and friends, UUFA has successfully participated in this program for over 20 years. The Social Action Committee is taking the lead this year in UUFA’s participation in the Christmas Angel Project. Please click here (or go to https://goo.gl/forms/ymrf6SdmskEPIcO33by October 29 if you would like to sponsor a child or children.

    Please note that  special requests such as for the age or gender of the child(ren) can ot be accommodated.

    The deadline to deliver gifts to UUFA is Sunday, December 3.  Please make sure the name tag you are given for your child is clearly affixed to the gift bag.

    For further information, contact Connie Bruce (connie.l.bruce@gmail.com or 706.264.7822) or UUFA Congregational Administrator Shaye Gambrell) (uufa@uuathensga.org, 706-546-7914).

    The Christmas Angel Project is being sponsored by UUFA’s Social Action Committee, a part of the Justice Cluster.

  • Money Minds Wanted

    Are you afraid of numbers? Do you regularly avoid looking at your bank account? Do you make foolish decisions around spending your money?

    If you said “No” to the above, then please say “Yes!” and join the Finance Committee.

    The Finance Committee (FC) meets once a month (3rd Mondays) to check in with the Treasurer and Bookkeeper to monitor and guide our income and expenses. Once a month they take a turn at counting the offering during a Sunday service. You do NOT need to be an accountant to join the FC.

    Please contact Rich Rayburn, FC Chair, about your interest in participating in this important work for the Fellowship.

  • Second Lookers Upcoming Meeting

    Second Lookers meets this month at noon on Oct. 10 at UUFA. All are welcome. Bring a bag lunch and catch up on news and conversation since last meeting in May! For more information, contact Hester Meyer or Sally Randall.

  • Heads Up from UUFA Partner Church Committee

    Table linens embroidered by the ladies of our partner church in Okland, Romania, will be available for viewing—and purchase!–after the 11 o’clock service throughout the month of October. Look for Heather Kleiner by the long bench.

    The UU Partner Church Council informs us that the bi-annual international  UU gathering in February has been relocated from Northern India to Katmandu, Nepal.

    Details are forthcoming. If you are interested in attending the ICUU conference, please contact Michelle Leebens-Mack.(leebensmack@ hotmail.com).

  • Silent Meditation Retreat for Creatives


    Please share this silent meditation retreat with your congregation. This event, based on the teaching format of writer Natalie Goldberg – Writing Down The Bones, is designed to stimulate and stir the creative energies residing in each of us.

    Sit, Walk, Write – A Silent Retreat for Creatives

    December 3 – 8, 2017

    The Parker Ranch
    95 Parker Lane
    Clayton, GA 30525

    A practice in presence, a practice in meeting yourself, a practice in
    cutting through resistance.

    Creative people require dedicated time and space for nurturing themselves. We invite you to practice with us in the ancient Appalachian Mountains of North Georgia, supported by a kindred community, nourished by wholesome food.

    Lisa Knighton (Member of UUFA in Athens, GA) blends her passion for writing and stillness with lessons she learned as a student and assistant to writer Natalie Goldberg.

    “Underneath everything,” Goldberg writes in The True Secret of Writing, “we long to know ourselves.”

    Sunday 12/3/17 – Friday 12/8/17
    All meals included $900-$1350 per lodging choice

    For questions about lodging and reservations please call The Parker Ranch at 404-373-0566
    For details about the retreat format please call Lisa Knighton at 706-340-7989
    Facebook Page: Retreats for Creatives

  • Celebrating Erin and Marcus 8 years in the Nursery at UUFA!

    Erin and Marcus Prince have provided child care in the nursery for the UUFA for almost 8 years! During that time, they have worked on earning their undergraduate and graduate degrees, gotten married last spring, and now are expecting a baby. Their presence in the nursery on Sunday and on Wednesdays during SGM time have allowed many members with small children to attend services, special events, and to generally feel welcome and get a little break. Please mark your calendars for Sunday November 12 after service in the Fellowship Hall for a baby shower. Donations are being collected by Kelly Simonson and Melanie Hennings.

  • Ideas Needed

    Do you have a burning desire for some topic or book to be discussed at UUFA? Is there a UUA Curriculum you’d like to see presented? Do you have other ideas for workshops and events for adults and older youth here at UUFA?

    If so, please send ideas to Vivian Preston Sellers at vpsellers@gmail.com or speak with her after services on Sunday. And if you’d be willing to be a presenter of such topics/workshops/discussions, even better!

  • Enjoyable Entertainment Events Available

    We have tickets available for two family events:

    The Picnic and Tour of Sweet Olive Farm on October 28 11 to 1:00 and
    Munchkins and Munchies on November 25 4 to 6:00

    We also have a few tickets available for the following events:

    Game Night on November 17 7 to 9:00
    Cowboy Grub and Sing-a-Long January 5 6:00 PM
    Cranium and Gourmet Ice Cream January 13 2 to 4:00
    People, Poetry, Prose, and Pie January 20 7:00 PM

    Please contact me directly if you would like to get tickets. ~ Carol-Lee Baker (carlee45@yahoo.com, 706-483-2314; be sure to leave a message!)

  • Opt in: UUA Southern Regional Newsletter


    Come, come, whoever you are!
    Our Southern Region staff wants to reach our leaders and readers in more meaningful and useful ways. Over the years, we have received lists of email addresses for our newsletter from district leadership and event records, and from incomplete data provided by congregations on my.UUA.org. Our old addresses are disconnected from the identities and interests of our newsletter readers. We will continue to send our newsletter to everyone on our old lists until January, then only to current leaders and folks who opt in.
    OPT IN to continue receiving our emails

    FYI–The UUFA Church ID number is 3031.

  • UUA Matters: October 2017 Newsletter–Southern Region

    To read the October 2017 newsletter, click here or go to https://goo.gl/CyPDDV.



  • October 2017 Partner Church News

    Click here or go to https://goo.gl/hoCAyv.

  • December 16: Visit to Stewart Detention

    Join members of the UUFA Sanctuary Movement Team on a visit to El Refugio and Stewart Detention Center on Saturday, December 16.

    El Refugio is a hospitality house located in Lumpkin, GA – right outside the gates of Stewart Detention Center whose purpose is to serve the family and friends of men detained and, thus, separated from their loved ones.

    Click here to sign up.

    For more information about this visit, please read the El Refugio Visitor’s Manual: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-sojNRbRJ4wd0E0UWRZcm9NbDdyMGJhUnRMclN1X1hFRTM4/view?usp=sharing

    Questions?  Contact Chase White (robert.chase.white@gmail.com or 864.238.1870).

    The Sanctuary Movement Team is part of the UUFA Justice Cluster.


  • Meatless Mondays…Coming to UUFA!?
    Please join the UUFA Food Responsibility and Enjoyable Eating (FREE) Team in Meatless Mondays or choose other diet explorations such vegan before six or weekday vegetarian.
    We have a goal of having 100 members and friends commit to living lower on the food chain!
    FREE will have a table in the Fellowship Hall most Sundays.  Please stop by, and select your level of diet exploration OR click here (or go to https://goo.gl/forms/RF1IYjkAXmRludIf2) to participate electronically.
    What we eat three times a day has a tremendous impact on our bodies and our global society and environment.
    Living lower on the food chain can add pleasure and satisfaction to our daily 3 squares.
    Questions:  Contact Kate Blane (raya_mead@yahoo.com).
    FREE is part of UUFA’s Justice Cluster.
  • UUFA Cooks!

    What’s cooking? Hopefully you might be. 🙂 Help is needed on Thursday, October 19, at 2 p.m. to prepare the monthly meal for Our Daily Bread. Help is also needed on Friday, October 20, from 11:30 to 1 to serve the meal. Interested? Questions? Contact David Jarrett (daviduufa@gmail.com or 706.338.2798).

    Our Daily Bread Community Kitchen serves breakfast and lunch Monday-Friday and a sack meal on the weekends. Annually, this program provides more than 60,000 nutritious meals with gracious hospitality to men, women, and children in need and offers a gateway to other transformational services. Partnering with more than 70 volunteer groups. Our Daily Bread in Athens has served meals seven days per week, 365 days per year since 1989.

    Our Daily Bread outreach is part of UUFA’s Justice Cluster.

  • Can you CANtribute?

    As of September 30, UUFA is in FOURTH  place in the friendly competition among the 25 faith communities who CANtribute regularly to the Athens Area Emergency Food Bank.

    With our year-to-date CANtributions of 1423 items, we are 2570 items out of first place! 🙁

    However, we are only 306 items away from third place!

    Targeted donations for October include saltine crackers, rice, and boxes of instant oatmeal/grits.

    The wicker basket as you enter the sanctuary is willing and able to receive your CANtributions.

    Not a fan of shopping?  Savvy Social Action Committee (SAC) shoppers will convert your monetary donation to nonperishable food items.  See any member of SAC.

  • Audio-Visual Training, Sun., Oct. 15

    Sunday services and other events are enhanced by everyone’s ability to hear what’s being said and see any graphic elements being displayed during the service, such as hymn lyrics. To make that possible an Audio-Visual volunteer helps out at each service.

    If you would like to learn how to run our A-V system and join the Audio-Visual team, Lee Cornell will host a training after the 11 am service on Sunday, Oct. 15th.

    If you have questions, please notify Lee and feel free to attend the training. Please consider contributing to the success of our Sunday services by volunteering your skills and talents to this team.

  • Tragedy in Las Vegas

    I’m sure I’m not alone in feeling incredible grief and horror after waking up to the news coming out of Las Vegas, Nevada. I expect your heart, like mine, has broken at the very idea that something like this is possible. Our hearts will break again as the names of victims are shared, knowing each name represented a life, and each life ended much too soon. And our hearts will break further as memorial services begin.

    It is difficult to comprehend the intent of someone willing to engage in acts of terrorism and mass murder. It is difficult to imagine the despair families and friends of concert goers must be feeling if they don’t know yet whether their loved ones survived. It is difficult to absorb the fact that at least fifty people died and over four hundred transported to hospitals for treatment. But it is not difficult to want the madness to end. It is not difficult to want the dying to end.

    I also know it is not difficult to give thanks to the emergency personnel and volunteers who help those in need, even at risk to themselves. And, I hope it is not difficult to pause and give thanks for the gift of life we enjoy, knowing it may be taken from us at any moment.

    As we mourn this latest national tragedy and seek some meaning from it, let us remember to reach out to loved ones for comfort. Let us reach out to those who might need professional assistance and help them receive it. Let us work together to do all we can to prevent future mass murders.

    Sunday’s services at 9 & 11 am on Oct. 8, will offer comfort and hope.

    Rev. Alison Eskildsen

  • Hurricane Recovery Funds

    Hurricane Disaster Relief

    If you would like to donate to  assist with recovery efforts following the disastrous storms in Texas, Florida, U.S. Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico, please follow this link to the Unitarian Universalist Association’s website where details are posted.

  • Share your time & talent with the Worship Arts Committee!
    – Would you like to have input into what happens during worship services on Sunday?  
    – Is there a topic you would like someone to address during a service?  
    – Are you interested in helping plan worship services or in assisting with some of the parts of a worship service?

    UUFA’s Worship Arts Committee (WAC) meets generally on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm in the Sofa Room.  Anyone is welcome to attend a meeting, whether you want to observe, give feedback or input, or are considering participating in planning and conducting worship services.  The next meeting is Tuesday, September 5, 2017, at 6:30 pm.

    You do not have to join WAC, although this committee always welcomes new members.

    If you would like to be a Worship Assistant who works with Rev. Alison or a guest speaker in presenting a service, you may participate in a training session for Worship Assistants in the near future.  Please contact Herb West, Lay Minister for Spiritual Arts at the email below.

    You can share your thoughts about our Sunday services by
     attending a meeting
    – speaking with a committee member, Rev. Alison, or Lay Minister Herb West
    – by sending us an email


  • Care Connections

    Long-time member Ethel Foster fell recently and is recuperating at home. She would love to hear from her UUFA friends. If you need her address or contact info, contact Shaye in the office (uufa@uuathensga.org)

  • October Volunteer Spotlight: John Olive

    John Olive’s decades at UUFA have been filled with volunteering as he has shared lots of time and a wide range of talents. In addition to heading the UUFA Board in 2005, more recently John served as Treasurer and then Assistant Treasurer for several years. Part of his work supporting the Finance Committee and fundraising is making grocery cards available in the Fellowship Hall following services. Watch for him too singing in the choir and, when acting talent is demanded, appearing in recent years as Scrooge in the children’s production of “A Christmas Carol” and as Shakespeare’s characters in an enthusiastic Enjoyable Entertainment performance. John currently serves the EOV Building Project Committee as EOV Project Treasurer.

  • Sanctuary Movement Team: You’re Invited Oct. 12

    Join us for the next gathering of the Sanctuary Movement Team on second Thursday of the month–October 12–beginning at 7 p.m. in the sofa room.

    To join the Sanctuary Movement Team listserv, click here or go to https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/uufa-sanctuary-movement-team/join

    Need more information?  Contact Chase White (robert.chase.white@gmail.com or 864.238.1870) or visit http://www.uua.org/immigration/witness/partners/newsanctuary.

  • Sermon Discussion Group After the Service

    Dive into the Sermon Inspired to go deeper? Ever want to talk about ideas and feelings generated from the Sunday Service? You are invited to join a discussion group that will meet once monthly following the 4th Sunday Lunch. At these gatherings, you will have the opportunity to join a dialog on the theme of the service, beginning with the questions posted in the order of service. No registration required. Group will meet from 12:30 – 2:30 in Sofa Room. All are welcome! Group Facilitator: Michelle Leebens-Mack, leebensmack@gmail.com, 706-410-6454. September’s topic is “To Forgive.” Join Us!

  • October 18: Wednesday Dinner sponsored by FREE


    Please RSVP:  click here or go to https://goo.gl/forms/lg5IuffJOs1RX8dD3.

  • Child Dedication on Sunday, Nov. 19

    Child to Dedicate?

    If you would like your child/ren to be dedicated during the Sunday, November 19, 2017, worship service, please contact Rev. Alison (rev.eskildsen@uuathensga.org). We dedicate children newly born, newly adopted, or new to Unitarian Universalism. This naming ceremony celebrates new life into the world and into the care of our community.

    Can’t make this date? Another date will be chosen in the spring. Please let Rev. Alison Eskildsen  know if you have a particular date in mind that works well for your family.

  • Thanksgiving at The Mountain

    Thanksgiving 2017
    November 22 – November 26 (register for all or part)
    Join other UUFA folk at the The Mountain (2 hr from Athens near Highlands) for a traditional Thanksgiving celebration. In addition to the delicious food, there are workshops, hikes, singing, evening programs, bonfires and hot chocolate. Activities: building traditional gingerbread houses, skits, journaling, ropes courses and field games, music-making, learning about the night sky, Cherokee traditions, or plants of The Mountain. Ends with Sunday morning worship. Contact Kathy Stege (who went last year and loved it, and is going again) with questions and to arrange room-mate and carpool. kath22steg@gmail.com 478-955-3422

  • October 8: Carver Cards Are Coming!

    One-of-a-kind collage cards by UUFA member Virginia Carver will be for sale on Sunday, October 8.

    All proceeds will be used to purchase food items for the Athens Area Emergency Food Bank.

In general, more timely announcements will be presented here on the uuathensga.org/news page, but longer articles and columns by members, friends, and leadership, as well as monthly updates from Social Action Committee and others, will appear on the uuathensga.org/Tapestry page.

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