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  • Care Notes

    John Bleyle has been receiving medical treatment for prostate cancer. Every three weeks John and Jean have been traveling to MD Anderson in Houston where John is enrolled in a clinical trial. Please send cards and notes of concern to John and Jean.

    Cara Andrews had foot surgery on Wednesday, January 10, for a condition that has been bothering her for years. During recovery she will need to stay off her feet for six weeks. If you can bring Cara a meal or want to visit, contact Kathy Mason at kkmason@aol.com / 678-661-0394 or Liz Weaver at ejsweaver@gmail.com / 706-769-6629. Please send cards and notes of concern to Cara.

  • Green Sanctuary Team Meeting Jan 21, 12:15

    Liz Weaver and Larry Dendy will host a Green Sanctuary Team Meeting in the Ocean Room at UUFA on January 21 at 12:15. The meeting will last no longer than an hour and we will discuss goals and tasks for 2018. All are welcome.

  • Ready – Set – Move!

    During UUFA’s upcoming building construction and renovation, we will NOT have to move out, but we WILL HAVE TO ADJUST where in the building we can meet. Join us Sunday the 21st between services from 10:10-10:45 am to hear the details, see the final plans, and get an update on the revised budget.

  • Fun and Exciting Enjoyable Entertainment Events

    We have 4 fun and exciting events coming up for the spring half of our program year.

    ***Tickets will be sold January 21 (this Sunday) and January 28 ***

    1. Creative Soiree February 24 Share your creative juices. hors d’oeuvres and beverages.
    2. St. Patrick’s Party March 16 St. Pat’s Fun Music, snacks and beverage
    3. Wine Tasting March 23 A sampling of wines and delectables
    4. Saturday Brunch April 7 Brunch Creations and beverages

    Questions? Contact Carol-Lee Baker carlee45@yahoo.com 706-483-2314 or Jane Mayer jamkp42@hotmail.com 706-614-4926

  • Thirty Days of Love: Growing Our Ecosystem

    Welcome to Thirty Days of Love 2018. For the next four weeks, we will be sharing a message alongside spiritual resources: an ancestor to ground us, art to inspire, and a podcast recommendation to keep us learning.  We hope you find these resources and reflections of use to the work you do from your congregation to your community and beyond.

     This week our theme is Growing Our Ecosystem. Yesterday, we observed Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – witnessing the vision for justice articulated by Black organizers and activists still today. We are thinking about the vision we hold for our world. What is the ecosystem, forest, garden, wild space that we are trying to grow? Who is the crew with you on this journey?
    We honor our ancestor Lewis McGee, share Tiny Shiny Hope by Katie Blanchard, offer an invitation to try a practice and recommend you check out the Healing Justice podcast. Check out the Thirty Days of Love 2018 All-Ages Activities by Rev. Marisol Caballero. Next week we’ll be back with our second message on good soil, good seeds. Stay tuned!


  • Love Resists

    As we settle into a new year, it is clear that the issues we wrestled with in 2017 are not going away. Last week, the Trump administration not only continued its assault on the immigrant community by revoking Temporary Protected Status for Salvadorans and raiding 7-Eleven stores, but the President himself provided further evidence that racism is behind these policies when he demanded to know why he should accept immigrants from African countries, Haiti, and El Salvador rather than people from places like Norway.

    To read more including the upcoming webinar–Love Resists Through Congregational Organization–to be held on January 30 immediately prior to the State of the Union Address, go to https://goo.gl/HGdQi2.

  • Volunteer Training Offered for Program to House Homeless in Local Churches

    Two volunteer training classes are being offered soon for the Interfaith Hospitality Network of Athens (IHNA), a program that provides temporary housing in churches for homeless families. Trainings will be Sunday, January 21, at the IHNA Day Center at 393 West Hancock Ave # 1 in Athens and Sunday, Feb. 11 at St. Gregory’s Episcopal Church, 3195 S. Barnett Shoals Road in Athens.

    Both trainings begin at 2:00 pm, and no registration is required.

    For questions about participation in the training, email the Rev. Stacy Pardue at assist.ihnathens@gmail.com.

    For questions about the UUFA’s participation in this program, contact Mark Hodges at markhodges4427@gmail.com.



  • Adult Religious Exploration Registration Continues!

    Several book discussion groups, meant for high-school youth and adults are forming for the Winter/Spring.
    Paul-Henri Gurian will facilitate two series of discussions of the book How Jesus Became God: The Exaltation of a Jewish Preacher from Galilee. The first series is full, but the second series, which begins in March, is still taking registrations. Also, Kate Blane and Judy Bradberry will offer a single-session discussion of The Humane Economy: How Innovators and Enlightened Consumers Are Transforming the Lives of Animals. And the discussions of the UUA Common Read books, Daring Democracy, and Centering will be led by Karen Solheim and Vivian Preston Sellers.
    More information about these is available at the UUFA website: http://uuathensga.org/education/adult-education/
    You can register online at: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfTi9ttYCJo0wwCLKqIrZXULwV-EZgddUi5krFjHFA6oag98A/viewform
    For information or to register, you can also see Vivian Preston Sellers at the Stepping Stones table after services at UUFA.

  • New to UUFA Newcomer Orientation on Feb. 10

    If you’re a recent visitor or newcomer to UUFA and want to learn more about our Fellowship and Unitarian Universalism, plan to attend the next “New to UUFA” class on Saturday, Feb. 10, at 8:45 a.m.

    Participants briefly share their religious journey, and learn about the history and development of Unitarian Universalism and UUFA. You’ll meet Fellowship leaders, including our minister, Rev. Alison Eskildsen, and get information on programs, activities and services at UUFA.

    The morning begins with a continental breakfast and ends by noon. Child care can be arranged with advance notice.

    A sign-up sheet is on the Visitors Table in the foyer. You can also sign up by contacting or calling the Fellowship office (uufa@uuathensga.org) or by contacting Larry Dendy, chair of the Membership Committee (ldendy@uga.edu, 706-546-0431).

  • Who is my neighbor? Do you have a story?
    The title of the February 4 worship services is “Who is my neighbor?”  The question is especially potent given the current discussion around immigration.  
    • Should those who were allowed to come as workers and students but who stayed without government papers remain among us?   
    • Should those who came illegally into the country decades ago to provide us reasonably priced food be deported?  
    • Should those young people who grew up in our schools and neighborhoods but lacked citizenship papers be required to return to the country of their birth?  
    • Should those who came under Temporary Protected Status in the 1980s and 1990s to escape war and environmental devastation lose their legal standing?   
    • What should happen to those people who are naturalized United States citizens but are now threatened with no longer being able to bring other family members into the country?  
    • What should happen to those who come seeking asylum for persecution?

    Should everyone be our neighbor? Do you have an immigration story to tell that can help shed light on this question: “Who is my neighbor?”  

    If you have such a story you wish to share, you are invited to write a short narrative.

    Please send it to Greg Davis at rawsondavis@gmail.com or call him at 706-589-5568 for further discussion on the topic. 

    With your permission, your written thoughts may be shared during February 4 worship.

  • Thirty Days of Love









    Coming Soon – 30 Days of Love 2018

    Stay tuned…

  • Announcing Side with Love!

    Since its inception, Standing on the Side of Love (SSL) received feedback from disability rights activists within Unitarian Universalism about the exclusionary and ableist language of “standing”.

    We are so excited to share with you that our new name, our new imagining, as the Responsive Resolution so beautifully called for, is Side with Love! You can also watch a video about our announcement here. Check out EqUUal Access’ take on the shift here.

  • January 22: Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition

    You are invited to attend the next meeting of the Interfaith Sanctuary Coalition on Monday, January 22, from 7-8:30 p.m. at Oconee Street UMC.

    This group is called to do the following:

     –Cultivate relationships with undocumented immigrant families and individuals – this is the foundation of what directs us

    –Support legal aid defense funding – ALCES and the Latin American Association

    Partner with Community Support for Families in Crisis Due to Deportation/ Detention by providing financial support, becoming a Buddy, advocating for detainees, providing transportation, or becoming a temporary guardian

    This group traditionally meets the fourth Monday of every month.

    For further information, contact Karen Solheim, UUFA Justice Lay Minister (justice@uuathensga.org or 706.202.7515).

  • David Jarrett Honored as January Spotlight Volunteer

    Congratulations to David Jarrett, UUFA’s first Spotlight Volunteer of 2018! In addition to serving as Board Chair in the early 2000’s, David has shared his knowledge with the investment and finance committees. He also organized Seder observances for many years and currently works with the Forum committee. For years he has served on the Social Action Committee, most recently chairing the group. The Worship Arts Committee has benefited from his leadership as a Worship Assistant and as a Worship Leader. In addition to presenting sermons, David also facilitates sharing services, often around July 4 and late in the year.
    The Volunteer Recognition Team appreciates David’s multi-faceted commitment to UUFA!

  • Justice Cluster Recognizes Active SAC Volunteers

    In January UUFA’s Justice Cluster led by Karen Solheim is recognizing active members of the Social Action Committee (SAC). SAC is the oldest among the cluster’s groups and initiatives which include Our Daily Bread, the Interfaith Hospitality network, FREE (Food Responsibility and Enjoyable Eating), the Sanctuary Movement Team, and the Green Sanctuary Team.

    Karen and the Justice Cluster are thanking individuals who have been active members of SAC in 2017: Chair David Jarrett, Greg Davis, Caryl Sundland, Ange Kahn, Connie Bruce, Carol-Lee Baker, Jean-Marie Buxton, Deb Brenner, Ed Helm, Julie Sapp, Barb Leissner, Nancy MacNair, Rick Fyock, Sandra Storer, Virginia Carver, and Adrien Helm.

    The focus of SAC used to be on what its individual members were doing throughout the Athens community. SAC’s focus is now on initiatives sponsored by SAC in particular, and often by UUFA in general. Initiatives sponsored by SAC include activities such as the Smart Lunch Smart Kids sandwich making, the Cause of the Month Conversations, and the Share the Plate Program along with the Christmas Angel Project, CANtributions for the Athens Area Emergency Food Bank, and the Common Read Discussions.

    The members of SAC do realize that many UUFA justice warriors who do not attend the monthly meetings of SAC are a part of this congregation as are many former members of SAC; the members of SAC value those who participate in justice work beyond that of SAC and also value the overwhelming support they feel they receive from the Fellowship.

    Diane Bridges of the Volunteer Recognition Team worked with Karen to organize this month’s recognition.

  • Art in the Foyer 2018

    Art in the Foyer for January and February, 2018: “Illuminations” by Melody Croft. Artist Statement: The paintings are a group of portraits that I have coined: Illuminations. A painting begins with someone I have seen whose appearance, character, situation, or personality interests me and then slowly transforms into a narrative. My portraits become “illuminations”. Using newspaper and magazine print, I include poetry excerpts to accomplish two goals: first, to enhance the overall image and second, to introduce the viewer to the person in the portrait. The various colors, sizes, and fonts of each letter add to the visual dynamics of the overall painting. The poetry illuminates the portrait: adding meaning to the image, which provides the viewer a way to connect emotionally and/or intellectually to the individual in the painting.

In general, more timely announcements will be presented here on the uuathensga.org/news page, but longer articles and columns by members, friends, and leadership, as well as monthly updates from Social Action Committee and others, will appear on the uuathensga.org/Tapestry page.

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