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  • Interfaith Thanksgiving Service, Nov. 18 On Sunday, Nov. 18, at 4:30 pm, the Interfaith Clergy Partnership of Greater Athens invites you to the Third Annual Interfaith Thanksgiving Service.This annual event comes to us at a time when we crave the opportunity to be in community, connected to one another and to the world so that we can proclaim the voice of love, positivity, and unity.  WHERE: Piedmont College Meeting House, 595 Prince Avenue, Athens (parking available on site and on the street) WHEN: 4:30 pm, Sunday, Nov. 18, 2018 This year’s service includes performances, songs, readings, and reflections from several members of our Partnership and their faith communities. We encourage you to attend and lend your voice to our shared blessing and charge at the end of the service. The community is strongest when we have more voices present.  We recognize that this is a divisive, scary time for faith communities. We also know that the best way to respond is in love and unity. Please join us for this powerful service of worship. ___________________________________________________
  • Singing Meditation November 18 Join Amber for Singing Meditation next on November 18 from 9:15-9:45 a.m. in the Multi-Purpose Room. For more information, contact Amber ( ——————————————————————————
  • November 18: Sanctuary Movement Team Interested in immigrant justice within the Athens community and ways you can help? Join us for the next gathering of the Sanctuary Movement Team on third Sunday of the month–November 18–beginning at noon-ish in the conference room, just off the Welcome Hall. To join the Sanctuary Movement Team listserv, first click the headline above and then click here or go to!forum/uufa-sanctuary-movement-team/join. Need more information?  Contact Nancy MacNair ( or 706.546.5237) or visit The Sanctuary Movement Team is part of the UUFA Justice Cluster. ——————————————————————————-
  • Fourth Sunday Lunch in November–It’s an All-UUFA Potluck! Everybody cooks and cleans up for November’s Fourth Sunday Lunch! It’s your choice what to bring or how to help, but if you need a food suggestion, here’s a way to decide: If your last name ends in: A-D — salad or fruit E-H — vegetable I-N — main dish O-R — dessert S-Z — bread, chips, or other nibble There’s no food theme, so bring what you’d like to share. Please make enough to share with 10 people. If you have questions, please contact Rev. Alison. And don’t forget–if you eat, you will help clean up by washing tables, putting plates and utensils in the dishwasher, putting washed items away, sweeping the floor, or tidying up the kitchen. We’ll find a task that meets your abilities. Many hands make light work. If you’ve never helped out at a Fourth Sunday Lunch, now is the time. Thank you! ————————————————————————————
  • Mini ‘New to UUFA’ on Sun., Dec. 2, 12:15 pm On Sunday, Dec. 2, at 12:15 pm, after the service, join Rev. Alison in the Sofa Room (in old admin wing) to learn about Unitarian Universalism. Let us get to know you and hear what brings you to a Unitarian Universalist community. Ask questions and we’ll try to answer! If you have questions, please contact Michelle Leebens-Mack, chair of the Membership Committee ( _________________________________________________________
  • Thank You, RE Families, for Our Playground Update! On Sunday, November 4, families from the RE Program rallied together from early in the morning (8:30!) until mid-afternoon to paint our playground equipment! Melanie Hennings spearheaded the movement and volunteers included Deb Keys, Paul, Evie, Luke, and Natalie Schliekelman, Marco, Maddalena and Nicolo Messori, Enrico Steccanella, and Heather Jensen. All the children contributed to the painting, preparation and clean up. We can’t thank you enough for the gifts of time and talent that you offered our outdoor play-space. It looks and feels so nice. Thank you!! ————————————————————————————–
  • Building & Grounds: New Opportunities for Service The additions to our building and grounds are spacious and beautiful and will enable us to expand our vision!  A lot of our time and money has gone into these renovations, and now they require our care and upkeep. To this end, there are now many more opportunities for service! The UUFA Board is seeking two people to serve as co-chairs of the Building and Grounds Committee — one to supervise the maintenance of our new building and another to supervise the maintenance of the newly landscaped grounds. A comprehensive list has been compiled detailing what needs to be done to both the building and the grounds, along with a schedule of when they need to be done.  The heads of the committees would make sure that the tasks are done, either by professional teams or by volunteers. If you are interested in Building and Grounds, please contact either Susan Brown ( or Rosemary Wood ( ——————————————————————————–
  • Love Is Stronger Than Hate The past week, each morning as I drove to the Fellowship from my home, I viewed a magnificent set of oak trees whose leaves have turned from summer’s verdant green to autumn’s blazing reds, rich golds, and fiery oranges. Their glory reminds me of how much beauty and good there is in the world. This truth warms my heart and feeds my soul. Life, and all the many variations of life that exist, truly constitute an awesome miracle. But also this past week in October, I was reminded of how much fear and hate exist in the world. First, we learned of at least 14 pipe bombs mailed to leaders of our country. The individual who did this held no regard for the postal service workers who might have been harmed while handling these bombs. And for those targets the bombs were sent to, this individual held no regard for their right to believe differently than he. The bomber’s fear, anger, and hate worked, in his twisted mind, to make his actions and their death acceptable, but we know hate and threats of violence are never acceptable. Second, we witnessed the horrific shooting at a Pittsburgh community’s Jewish synagogue where eleven precious souls died while celebrating the birth and naming of a child. Our nation’s president suggested that if an armed guard had been at the door the only life lost would have been the hate-filled gunman’s. While an armed guard might have stopped him, is this how we want to live – with armed guards at every door? Do we want to return to the ‘rule by gun’ as practiced in the old wild west? I hope hate has not brought us to the point where armed guards are needed at our houses of worship. I don’t want people to fear for their lives when they come to the Fellowship. This is not the America I want to live in. The world we live in does consist of diverse people, religions, and politics. As our world gets smaller due to communication and transportation advances, we must live in harmony with one another. It’s too late to go back to some ideal homogeneous culture, which I doubt ever existed anywhere, at anytime. We must learn how to respect one another and not let difference divide us or make us suspicious of those differences. Why is that so hard? We Unitarian Universalists side with love. We side with the members of Emanuel A.M.E. Church in Charleston, SC, and we side with the members of the Tree of Life Jewish congregations in Pittsburgh, PA. We side with all who are targeted by hate. We will do all in our power to conquer hate with abiding love. We are called to love our neighbors as ourselves. We will not let our disgust or anger at perpetrators of violence take away our compassion for those suffering or our passion for embracing diversity. Love is stronger than hate. It will always be so. Rev. Alison Eskildsen ————————————————————————————–
  • November Spotlight Volunteers Congratulations to our November Spotlight volunteers, Deborah Keys and Paul Schliekelman, for their dedication to our music and education programs. Deb has been a member of the drum circle, choir, and ‘comfort choir.” Paul assists with children’s worship services by singing and playing guitar.  Both have served as RE teachers and committee members, and Paul led the search committee for our director of RE. He has also served on the finance committee. Participation in Small Group Ministry is enjoyed by them as well. Most recently they led members on a hike at the Mountain retreat and everyone made it back. ————————————————————————————-
  • Nifty Gifty 2018 Nifty Gifty 2018! UUFA’s Annual Craft-Strava-Ganza will be Saturday, Dec. 8, from 9 a.m. to noon. Love to make crafts? Are you a creative gift wrapper? Love to decorate? Share your passion by signing up at the link below for one or more Nifty Gifty jobs!! You can even help craft-prep from the comfort of your n home! We are now recruiting Elves for  the Nifty Gifty Experience!!!   VOLUNTEER HERE!  We’ll need lots of helper elves to make this event a hit.  Contact Kelli for more information.           ———————————————————————————
  • Are You a Communicator? The UUFA Communications Team is seeking UUFA’ers who have training or talent in writing, graphic design, and word processing (Microsoft Word and/or Publisher)! Please contact Shaye in the office for more information ( ———————————————————————————–  
  • Recycle the Announcements Insert in Your Order of Service (OOS) Please recycle the announcements insert in your order of service in the basket at the Visitor Information Table so that it can be shared with those persons new to the UUFA. ———————————————————————————–
  • A Note of Sadness, Memorial December 1, 4 p.m. With great sadness, please know that longtime member Lee Anderson died on Friday, November 2, at her home in Athens. She was surrounded by many members of her family. A memorial service to celebrate her life is scheduled for Saturday, December 1, at 4 pm, at the Fellowship. If you would like to assist with the reception to follow the service, please let Carol-Lee Baker know. —————————————————————————–
  • Communications Team Meeting The Communications Team invites creative, techy, and fun people to work with getting our word out! The Communications Team meets the third Thursday of each month from 4 – 5:30 pm. Check the monitor for the location for the meeting. Because of Thanksgiving, the November meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 27, beginning at 4 p.m. Questions? Contact Michelle Leebens-Mack (706-410-6454 or —————————————————————————————–
  • Committee on Shared Ministry Needs YoUU! We expanded our space and now its time to expand our opportunity! The Committee on Shared Ministry needs YOUU! Your insights and hopes are essential to help us explore how to maximize our new space and help us evolve as a Fellowship. Be on the look out for a survey to help you consider these questions and discussion opportunities in the new year to provide your answers. We look forward hearing from YOUU! For further information on the Committee on Shared Ministry, contact co-chair Susanna Moriarty ( ———————————————————————————–
  • UUFA Diaper Drive Number 3: A Cause You Can Really Get Behind…Again! 🙂 The UUFA Sanctuary Movement Team (SMT) sponsored two diaper drives this year. Many thanks to all who contributed! However, the need for diapers for immigrant families in the Athens area continues, so Diaper Drive Number 3 is now in effect until November 30. All sizes are needed. Please place the diapers you bring near the CANtribution basket. Questions?  Contact SMT member Nancy MacNair ( The Sanctuary Movement Team is part of the UUFA Justice Cluster. ————————————————————————————-
  • November 25 to December 2: UUFA IHNA Week The Interfaith Hospitality Network of Athens, Inc.  is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide immediate shelter and guidance to homeless families with children, due to the impact of misfortunes upon their lives. Once accepted into our program, IHNA provides food, shelter, daycare, and transportation as needed. November 25 through December 2is the week that UUFA provides support for IHNA at Holy Cross Lutheran Church. Needed are meal preparers, dinner and evening hosts, overnights hosts, and IHNA Day Center hosts. For more information, contact UUFA IHNA Coordinator Mark Hodges ( Support of IHNA is part of UUFA’s Justice Cluster —————————————————————————–
  • Share Your Time and Talent with the Worship Arts Committee (WAC) – Would you like to have input into what happens during worship services on Sunday? – Is there a topic you would like someone to address during a service? – Are you interested in helping plan worship services or in assisting with some of the parts of a worship service? UUFA’s Worship Arts Committee (WAC) meets generally on the first Tuesday of each month at 6:30 pm in the Sofa Room.  Anyone is welcome to attend a meeting, whether you want to observe, give feedback or input, or are considering participating in planning and conducting worship services.  The next meeting is Tuesday, December 4, at 6:30 pm. You do not have to join WAC although this committee always welcomes new members. For further information, contact Lee Cornell, Lay Minister for Spiritual Arts ( —————————————————————————————
  • Still Needed: 2018 Christmas Angels Can you be a Christmas Angel? UUFA will again participate in the Department of Family and Children’s Services (DFCS) gift program for needy children. Each holiday season many children in foster care receive few, if any, gifts over the holidays. Due to the generosity of its members and friends, UUFA has successfully participated in this program for over 20 years. The Social Action Committee is taking the lead this year in UUFA’s participation in the Christmas Angel Project. Please click here (or go to ASAP if you would like to sponsor a child or children. Please note that  special requests such as for the age or gender of the child(ren) cannot be accommodated. The deadline to deliver gifts to UUFA is Sunday, December 2. Please make sure the name tag you are given for your child is clearly affixed to the gift bag. For further information, contact coordinator Connie Bruce ( or 706.254.7822). The Christmas Angel Project is being sponsored by UUFA’s Social Action Committee, a part of the Justice Cluster. ——————————————————————————–
  • Cancelled for November: UUFA Tai Chi Classes The Tuesday evening Tai Chi Flow classes are cancelled for November. Please watch for additional announcements for when they will resume in December. Questions?  Contact Congregational Administrator Shaye Gambrell ( ———————————————————————————-  
  • February 2 (Save the Date)–Quarterly Connections: Be in the Know 😊 SAVE THE DATE–Saturday, February 2, 2019–come learn about vast possibilities of Realm–our UUFA communications and directory software- and discuss other matters of importance to the life of UUFA. Bring your laptop if you like and explore with us from 9 a.m. to noon. ALL are encouraged to attend. For planning purposes, please click here to RSVP or  contact Lee Cornell ( ————————————————————————————-
  • Our Daily Bread: November 2018 What’s cooking? Hopefully you might be. 🙂 Help is needed on Thursday, November 15, at 2 p.m. to prepare the monthly meal for Our Daily Bread. Help is also needed on Friday, November 16, from 11:30 to 1 to serve the meal. Interested? Questions? Contact David Jarrett ( or 706.338.2798). Our Daily Bread Community Kitchen serves breakfast and lunch Monday-Friday and a sack meal on the weekends. Annually, this program provides more than 60,000 nutritious meals with gracious hospitality to men, women, and children in need and offers a gateway to other transformational services. Partnering with more than 70 volunteer groups. Our Daily Bread in Athens has served meals seven days per week, 365 days per year since 1989. Questions? Contact David Jarrett ( or 706.338.2798). Our Daily Bread outreach is part of UUFA’s Justice Cluster. ——————————————————————————–
  • Fall 2018 Southern Region Chalice Lighter Calls Dear Chalice Lighters and Friends, The Fall 2018 Chalice Lighter call for our Southwest geographical area has been awarded to Horizon UU Church, Texas. Chalice Lighter funding will help the congregation launch a new community garden on their campus. Community service will be an integral goal of Horizon’s Community Garden. Gardeners will donate 50% of their garden produce to nearby charitable organizations.  Click here to read more.   The Chalice Lighter program began in 1984 as a way for individuals to extend our faith by making a donation of $10 or more for three calls per year. Our new program works similarly, allowing individuals and congregations to support and be generous with one another to work on transformational goals. Chalice Lighter calls are crowd-funded contributions given by committed Unitarian Universalist “Chalice Lighters” and Southern Region congregations. Anyone can become a Chalice Lighter — just join our Chalice Lighter email list and respond with a contribution when a call goes out. Want to become a Southern Region Chalice Lighter?  Click here. —————————————————————————————–  
  • Sunday Hospitality Jump on this opportunity! It’s fun! We’re delighted to have 2 volunteers helping with Sunday Hospitality clean up for the first three Sundays of the month. One or two additional folks for those Sundays and at least 2 on the 4th Sunday would make our teams complete. Join us for fun and fellowship in the kitchen, get acquainted with new friends, and learn about our updated look. Sign up for one Sunday a month, every other month, or maybe just several during the year. We are an equal opportunity volunteer group and we welcome all especially YOU! You’ll find a sign up sheet on the Stepping Stones table, or contact me at carlee1945@gmail or 706-483-2314.  Thanks and come have fun with us! ——————————————————————————

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