New Yearly and Monthly Themes

“Stepping Forward Together” Yearly Theme for 2015 – 2016

On August 16 we introduced “Stepping Forward Together,” an all-year program focus or goal. We hope you’ll take a step with us by taking part in one or more classes, events, or other activity offered during the year.

We call these opportunities for your spiritual and philosophical growth ‘stepping stones’ because each encourages you to take a step down a metaphorical path towards fulfilling your hopes and dreams for your life and from a liberal religious community.

To help you learn about the many opportunities available, we invited you to linger in the sanctuary after both worship services on four possible Sundays – August 16, 23, 30, and September 6. That’s when Lay Ministers and other leaders could be found around the interior sanctuary walls ready to share information about various program opportunities. Like an activity fair, you were able to ask questions, sign up for a class, join a committee, or consider participating in a small group, for example.

Changing Monthly Themes

In recent years, at least once a month worship service topics have been loosely tied to children’s religious education classes and to small group ministry discussions. When the kids focused on Islam at least one worship service has, too. And most worship ‘order of service’ handouts give quotations and questions for your personal reflection and discussion with others. We hope this encourages you to take the subject beyond the service by carrying on a conversation after you leave the sanctuary.

This year we’re adding to that approach by encouraging other program areas to enter into the monthly thematic conversation, such as Forum or book groups. And, each Sunday the topic will relate to that month’s theme, not as a series, but just another angle on a subject to deepen the exploration of that particular theme. Like most anything we do, this is an experiment and we hope you’ll share whether it enhances your understanding, prompts you to greater action, or inspires you in new ways.

Exploring Community in August

One way to take a step forward together is to better understand what it means to be a community. Why do we make a habit of attending Fellowship activities when we could be out doing other things? What purpose does this community serve in the larger world? How can someone enhance their sense of belonging, find deeper meaning, and come to know that their life matters? All these and more will be explored through the context of community this month. Please join me and the rest of the Fellowship for the journey. Let’s take some steps together!

Monthly Themes for 2015 – 2016

To encourage deeper engagement and understanding of a topic in Worship, Small Groups, Committees, and other UUFA activities, we offer these themes to focus on each month:


Jul 2015 – Compassion

Aug 2015 – Community

Sep 2015 – Justice

Oct 2015 – Courage & Exploration

Nov 2015 – Wholeness & Holiness

Dec 2015 – Time & Traditions



Jan 2016 – Beloved Community

Feb 2016 – Open-heartedness

Mar 2016 – Generosity & Abundance

Apr 2016 – Vision

May 2016 – Identity

Jun 2016 – Connections