Be the Change You Want to See in the World


Join the Social Action Committee (SAC)

The UUFA Social Action Committee ( SAC ) regularly meets on the first Sunday of each month, beginning at 1 pm in a meeting room at the Fellowship. YOU are invited to attend this meeting to learn about how they make a difference in our world, locally and globally.

Join the UUFA SAC email group
If you would like to know what transpires in the UUFA SAC, join our Social Action Committee listserv by clicking here.  This listserv will let you know what transpires not only in the UUFA SAC but also in the local Athens area in terms of social action. Everyone is encouraged to sign up!

Among the initiatives that the UUFA SAC works with throughout the year are the following:

  • Cause of the Month:  For information on UUFA’s Cause of the Month initiative, click here.
  • CANtributions to the Athens Area Emergency Food Bank:Have you every wondered what the large wicker baskets at the front of the sanctuary during the Sunday worship service, at the Forum, or at the children’s worship services are for? UUFA “CANtributes” to the Athens Area Emergency Food Bank and is in competition with 25 other area churches! The wicker basket at the front of the sanctuary service is willing and able to receive your CANtributions of either nonperishable food items (Tuna, saltines, and pork and beans are always needed.) or of cash or checks.
  • Our Daily Bread:  Volunteers have the opportunity to help with meal preparation on the third Thursday of each month or meal serving on the third Friday of each month.
  • Can YoUUr Birthday:  Whenever you celebrate your birthday, bring nonperishable food items for every year you are celebrating.  For example, turning 60? Bring 60 cans!
    The wicker basket as you enter the sanctuary is willing and able to receive your CANtributions whether you are celebrating your birthday or not!
    All CANtributions will be donated to the Athens Area Emergency Food Bank.

View the draft agenda for the most recent SAC meeting by clicking here.

View the SAC PowerPoint by clicking here.

View the video of the UUFA trip to Selma by clicking here.



Pilgrimage to Selma

Celebrate Love Marriage Equality Event

adult education workshops on  Women’s Reproductive Health and  Immigration

Support or co-sponsoring the following:

  • NAACP Banquet
  • Black Faculty and Staff Luncheon
  • Athens Area Human Relations Council Banquet
  • Athens Clarke Literacy Council Spelling Bee
  • Holiday Benevolence Market
  • Interfaith Hospitality Network
  • Our Daily Bread
  • Habitat Build
  • Community Garden at Hill Chapel Baptist Church
  • Christmas Angel holiday gift program
  • Athens Economic Justice Fesst


  • provided lunches during summer and holidays for Smart Lunch Smart Kid program
  • recruited 35 UUs to attend the Athens Pride Festival,, many wearing “Standing on the Side of Love t-shirts
  • provided a UU speaker–Cory Taylor–or Spirit Speak Out, a GLBT event
  • participated in the Athens Economic Justice Coalition’s Justice Fest, where Caryl Sundland, our former SAC chair, received the Lifetime Achievement award, and our choir sang
  • supported and coordinated the Cause of the Month/Share the Plate program, which has raised approximately $100-$1500 per month for community and UU-related organizations, a sizable increase from what was collected from in giving away a collection from the first Sundays of the month
  • provided donations from our budget and/or SAC members and participated in GLBT and other diversity events in Athens
  • raised $1500 from a special collection for Rev. Mark Kiyimba o Uganda
  • worked on a Habitat for Humanity home build
  • achieved first place among Athens churches in the Athens Area Emergency Food Bank competitions as of December 1, 2013
  • included participation on the SAC of at least 9 newcomers or new members of UUFA and participation of many more in various social action activities
  • participated in the Interfaith Hospitality Network of Athens by providing volunteers during five host weeks

Prior Projects:

Founding by UUFA members of the Clarke Community Federal Credit Union over thirty years ago, and some members still involved as volunteers.

Became an official Welcoming Congregation, holding three series of workshops and making necessary changes in policies, procedures, and written materials, beginning in 1995 with certificate granted in 1996 and posted in outer lobby.

Many members participated in the Garden Springs Project after eviction of low income Latino, African American, and white people from a trailer park. Volunteers spent weeks renovating one family’s trailer and helped them move to a new park. Members followed up individually on health and other needs of the family, and are still in touch with this family. (2002)

Sponsored a Poverty Simulation Workshop for members, public officials, etc.(2003)

Members founded Athens Women in Black, part of an international organization. Held weekly peace vigils from 2003 to present, sponsored forums, marches and other peace related events.

Co-sponsored “Eyes Wide Open” AFSC display of combat boots and Iraqi shoes and posters, photos, and information on the devastation by the War in Iraq, attended by 1100 people. (2004)

Total congregation voted to adopt a resolution against the Georgia anti-gay marriage amendment.(2004)

Worships held on proposed establishment of a U.S. Department of Peace.(2005)

Supported the Athens Economic Justice Coalitions, founded by a Social Action Committee member, with financial contribution, volunteers at Labor Day marches, workshops, voter registration, etc. (2003-present)

Joined the Interfaith Hospitality Network, providing food and shelter for homeless families in the Fellowship periodically, along with 13 other Athens churches.(2005-present)

Established the “Cause of the Month” program, with monthly brief commentaries from the pulpit by local service providers. Taking a special collection each month for the cause. Contributions run about $500 each month.

Established can collections at the front of the sanctuary each Sunday, with matching collections from members. Cans are donated to the Athens Area Emergency Food Bank.

Many members participated in Athens anti-poverty initiative and continue to work on issues of teen pregnancy and living wage and early childhood education issues.

Social Action members helped build support for the Habitat for Humanity “Building the Dream” project, a house honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (2006)

The committee hosted a dramatic reading at the Fellowship of “The Line in the Sand” stories from the U.S./Mexican border, with discussion on the plight of immigrants following the presentation.(2007)

The Social Action Committee joined the UUA’s March for Peace, in March 2008, presenting a service on the costs of the Iraq War by the UUSC and co-sponsoring a community vigil on the 5th anniversary of the beginning of the war. The UUFA “Palms of Fire” drum circle participated.

The committee, over the years, has provided consistent financial and volunteers in support of the non-profits aiding the homeless or low income people through the ARK, Our Daily Bread, and the Interfaith Hospitality Network.

Social Action services presented by the committee have included the following: Living Wage Rights of Workers, MLK Service on Union Organizing, UUSC Service on Darfur, GLBT Issues as well as letter writing campaigns after some of these services.

PoUUncing ON POVERTY Initiative in Honor of Ray MacNair–update:

For this initiative, we purchased 12, ten ride bus passes.  Morgan Watson, the Director of Religious Education, offered 4 or 5 scholarships for Peace Camp and we have already had two young people sign up with two others as possibilities. The tutoring program hit a glitch and we have worked to get that up and running. We are hopeful that our tutors will be able to start the first week in May and run through June. We have had a tiller offered to Unity and have hooked up a social work intern with a much needed car. All in all we have gotten a good start on connecting UUFA people with PoUUncing on Poverty people.