During the last program year (2016-17), the Exploring Racial Justice Task Force created a resolution on Racial Justice and Equity and promoted UUFA members and friends signing the UUA’s Declaration of Conscience.

At the UUFA Congregation Meeting on May 21, 2017, the congregation voted to adopt this resolution and to sign the Declaration of Conscience as a congregation.

Click here to read the UUFA response to the recent events Charlottesville by Rev. Alison Eskildsen.

You are invited to participate in “Building the World We Dream About” —6 sessions, facilitated by Hilda Kurtz and Vivian Preston Sellers. Begins Saturday, September 16, continues on Mondays—September 25, October 9 and 23, November 6—and ends on Saturday, November 18. The Saturday sessions meet from 9:30-12:30; the Monday sessions from 7-9 PM.

This is a UUA-developed curriculum that “supports Unitarian Universalists and congregations to build the multicultural world of beloved community we dream about by cultivating participants’ knowledge, skills, and capacity to address issues related to race, ethnicity, and cultural identity.” Though developed as a curriculum tailored to the experiences of young adults, the facilitators will adapt the sessions for all age groups, incorporating information and activities from the 24-session original curriculum. The classes will begin in September, and continue through October. More information is available at http://www.uua.org/re/tapestry/adults, though the format for each session will be slightly different than that online. Please let Hilda (hldkrtz@gmail.com) or Vivian (vpsellers@gmail.com)  know if you are interested, or sign up on Sundays in August at the Stepping Stones table. Or sign up here!