Help Make a Welcome Home Gift for Rev. Alison

We will welcome Rev. Alison home from sabbatical in a special service on August 6.  In preparation for her return, the Worship Arts Committee is collecting special messages to her from members of the congregation.

These messages can be about what she missed while she was gone or about how you grew/changed while she was away or what you wish you could have told her while she was incommunicado.   You can include photographs, drawings, sketches, poems, songs, lists, letters, journal entries—whatever media will convey your ideas and feelings.  Be sure to include your name(s).

Members of the Worship Arts Committee will compile your contributions into a small journal that will be presented to Rev. Alison.  You can pick up a sheet of card stock (from a table in the vestibule) and put your message on it or send these missives to Myrna Adams West at or give them to Myrna, Herb West, Aleta Turner, Vivian Sellers, or Karen Solheim, or any other member of the Worship Arts Committee.  Deadline for the message to be included in the August 6 presentation is July 30, but contributions received after that date can be added to the journal later.

Let’s celebrate Rev. Alison’s return with a keepsake that she can treasure for years to come.