Newcomers & New Members Can Now Connect to UUFA through Welcoming Friends

The goals of the new Welcoming Friends are

  • To provide welcoming experiences for new members during their first several (3-9) months of membership at UUFA; and
  • To build deeper relationships among all members of UUFA, enriching the experiences of participation for all in our Beloved Community.

welcome fenceThe Welcoming Friends Program is designed to help new members find their way into the UUFA community and all we have to offer. New members’ concerns may include making new friends, looking into the latest UU concepts, working for social justice, involving children in Religious Education, or something else from our list of possibilities. Whatever the areas of interest, Welcoming Friends can help newcomers discover what’s available and make connections.


Possible roles and activities of Welcoming Friends

  1. Go to coffee or to have lunch together after Sunday services.
  2. Introduce new members to people who are engaged in activities in which they are interested.
  3. Occasionally offer invitations/give rides to events at UUFA (e.g., suppers, special concerts).
  4. Help new parents make connections with R.E. program for kids.
  5. Help new members think through various Stepping Stone options and be available for coaching them in their decisions.
  6. Acquaint new members with available adult R.E. activities.
  7. Encourage a balance between service opportunities vs. “Just for fun” activities.
  8. Be available for monthly check–in.
  9. Individualize and be creative! No hard and fast rules.

Welcoming Friends launched in fall 2015. It is a program of the newly created Stepping Stone Support Team led by Penny Oldfather with members Carol-Lee Baker, Larry Dendy, and Susan Curtis.

To sign on as a Welcoming Friend or to find out how you can get your very own Welcoming Friend, contact Penny Oldfather (, Susan Curtis (, or Carol-Lee Baker (

We look forward to hearing from you!