Expanding Our Vision Building Update

We passed an important milestone October 5th when the Athens Clarke County Planning Commission decided to recommend approval of UUFA’s Special Use Permit. Thanks to the careful planning done by Koons Environmental Design, and the EOV Committee’s contact with neighbors, there was no opposition to expansion of our parking. They also voted to not require us to put in a sidewalk along Timothy Road which is a huge relief!

However, those recommendations must be ratified by the Mayor and Commissioners November 7th. If you know your commissioner, you may want to express your interest in this project and request his or her endorsement.

Houser Walker Architects have now moved into the Design Development phase of their work. The EOV committee is working with them and the CloverLeaf contractors to further define architectural details and the costs associated with various finishes, etc. Our committee will share an EOV Progress Report Sunday, October 29th during Forum time. Please mark your calendars and plan to be with us that day to see updated drawings!

Iva King, EOV Building Project Chair