Online Youth Assistant/Prefect Applications (ages 13-18) will be accepted April 1-30. 

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peace_camp_logoPeace Camp REGISTRATION CLOSED!

June 26-30

Camp Director- Liz Weaver

At Peace Camp, campers build deep peacemaking skills by exploring peace within, peace with others, and peace with our living planet earth as daily theme elements. On the last day, our theme of “Go Now in Peace” gives campers ideas of how to take what they’ve learned out into the community and world!

Activities include conflict resolution strategies, yoga and meditation, cooperative games, labyrinth wisdom, peacemakers in history, non-violent communication, dances of universal peace, art, music, stories, a social action project, and outdoor play.

Following independent ingathering activities, we begin by setting our intention each day in the all-camp Opening Circle. Peacemakers then explore activities in smaller groupings, including mixed-age Villages (when they get to hang out in tents!) and age-level Focus Groups. Villages build team spirit by decorating their tents, creating Village Presentations, and enthusiastically working to earn the Peace Stick each day. Focus groups give campers the opportunity to explore skills at an age-appropriate level. Each day ends in our all-camp Closing Circle, when we take the opportunity to reflect on the day, while sharing snack together.

Hogwarts School at the Pyramid

Session 1: July 10-14–REGISTRATION CLOSED!

Session 2: July 17-21

Headmistress- Liz Weaver, AKA Professor Liana Grassroots


UUFA transforms its Fellowship Hall (complete with unique glass pyramid skylight) into a celebration of all things Harry Potter. This fun extension of Rowling’s book series encourages Hogwarts students to open their imaginations as they better understand loyalty, trust, friendship, leadership, problem-solving, working for the common good, and other positive qualities and life skills.

Once parents drop their children off at our own Platform 9 ¾, students begin their wizardry adventures in the Grand Hall for the Opening Assembly, when young apprentices will be sorted into houses (Phoenixfire, Stonedragon, Waverider, or Windhorse). Students continue with a visit to Diagon Alley shops to obtain wizardry supplies including spellbook, wand, and quill. Thus prepared, students fill their week participating in core classes such as Charms, Potions, Herbology, and Care of Magical Creatures. Quidditch matches, House time and other specialized classes complete the day. At the end of the week, we commemorate with a closing graduation ceremony and reception.

We celebrate our 5th year of Hogwarts at the pyramid with a return to Alohamora. In the first book, “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”, Hermione introduces the spell “Alohomora” to open locked doors.  Images of keys abound through the first film, from Hagrid’s introduction as “Keeper of the Keys,” to the Gringott’s goblin asking for Harry’s key to his vault, and then Harry’s journey to capture a winged key in his quest for the Sorcerer’s Stone.  While these “keys” all open real, physical locks, the theme is intended to open locked imaginations.   The greatest “key” to imagining this world is expecting the unexpected.  As Dumbledore explains in his “welcome” speech in the book: “Welcome to a new year at Hogwarts! Before we begin our banquet, I would like to say a few words. And here they are: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!”

UUFA offers this special opportunity for kids to use their imagination and creative energies while learning scientific principles, respect for each other, handling conflict peaceably, their interconnectedness with living things, and dramatics. Hogwarts School at the Pyramid supports the idea that the world is full of wonder and magic and we hope to foster a spiritual and reasoned engagement with life. Professors at Hogwarts seek magicians who are curious about the world and all that’s in it and who wish to celebrate the wonderful world of Harry Potter for a week

General Camp Information

Times: 10am-3pm

Ages: 6-12

Fees: Sliding scale of $80-150

In respect for varying family circumstances, we offer a sliding scale. Please pay what you are comfortably able to pay within the fee range, taking into consideration the number of children and number of camps registered, financial status, and membership in UUFA.

Paying to the best of your ability allows us to provide quality programming and staff, nourishing snacks, and scholarships to those in need.

We offer a limited number of full and partial scholarships.

Staff ratios

We have a maximum of 8 children per adult at any given time, and there are always at least 2 adults present with each group.  Our maximum camp capacity is 40 campers.  A Camp Director and Assistant Camp Director will be on site during camp hours each day.

Learning Environments

Our campers spend their time in a variety of learning environments, including large whole-group assemblies, small age-level groups, and small mixed-age groups. We provide a balance each day of upbeat, boisterous activities mixed with slower paced, relaxing activities so your child maintains interest but does not come home exhausted. Similarly, our activities cater to multiple intelligences.


Campers bring a sack lunch from home, with the exception of Friday Pizza Day. We provide a nutritious snack each afternoon before campers are dismissed for the day.


Each camper is provided a camp T-shirt as part of the camp fee. Additional shirts will be available for family members and friends to purchase.

Contact Camp Administrator Liz Weaver, at 706-546-7914 for more information about our camps.