Please note:  Writing as Spiritual Practice will meet at 9:15 am June 4-August 6.

Lay Minister, Emerita, Myrna Adams West, facilitates “Writing as Spiritual Practice” first Sundays at 9:15 am in the couch room near Rev. Alison’s office.  This group offers an opportunity to explore spiritual expression through various genres.

Rev. Alison said in her sermon “Going Beyond, Going Within,” and I’m paraphrasing here, spiritual practice takes one outside of self or within self.  It transcends the everyday attempts to put into words that which cannot be named or spoken.  It is communication–pick one or more or make up your own word–with God or self or nature or the universe.  When we engage in spiritual practice, we go beyond self-interest and give self away.  Join us.

Overarching Theme for 2017-2018 Program Year:  Love Calls Us On  (New Program Year begins in July.)

Each Sunday the topic for the worship services will relate to that month’s theme, not as a series, but just another angle on a subject to deepen the exploration of that particular theme. The suggested prompts for Writing as Spiritual Practice assignments will follow the monthly worship themes.

The theme for July is “Roots & Wings.”

Choose one or more of the following or make up your own assignment:


  1. Where are your deepest roots planted? Why?
  2. If you had wings—literally or figuratively—where would they take you? Why?
  3. What keeps you rooted to your current job, home, faith, friends, beliefs?
  4. What connection do you see, in your life, between your roots and your wings? Explain as specifically and concretely as you can.  Email Myrna for a copy of “Another Psalm 139,” by Mark Belletini, for inspiration.
  5. Have you ever had to give wings to someone or something? Who/what was it?  Why did you have to let go?  Where did the letting go take you?  Email Myrna for a copy of “Empty Branch in the Orchard,” by Mary Oliver, for inspiration.
  6. When have you been overwhelmed by where your wings have taken you?   Email Myrna for a copy of the excerpt from Robert Johnson’s work Balancing Heaven and Earth, for inspiration.
  7. What keeps you rooted when all around you is in chaos? Email Myrna for a copy of the excerpt from Robert Johnson’s work Balancing Heaven and Earth, for inspiration.
  8. When have you wished you could uproot yourself and move on? Did you do it?    Or, What/who kept you from doing that?  Why?
  9. What do you think is the function of roots? Of wings?


For more information or for copies of inspirational pieces for this assignment, contact Myrna.