Board Notes


January marks a mid-year promise of renewed inspiration to continue our work. At UUFA, we begin the program year like the school year, at the end of summer. Our guiding theme of “Love Calls Us On” brought many together in conversation and worship throughout the autumn and into winter. In addition to Sunday worship services, … Continued

Looking Ahead with Hope

In my first address to the UUFA Congregation as President of the Board of Trustees, I highlighted some of the accomplishments of my predecessors. Space does not allow a full list, but each president builds upon the foundations laid by those who served previously, achieving goals that would not be possible without those foundations. Some … Continued

Money Minds Wanted

Are you afraid of numbers? Do you regularly avoid looking at your bank account? Do you make foolish decisions around spending your money? If you said “No” to the above, then please say “Yes!” and join the Finance Committee. The Finance Committee (FC) meets once a month (3rd Mondays) to check in with the Treasurer … Continued