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Important schedule update for building renovation

Work is moving ahead on the Phase 1 building addition and renovation:  We passed the latest building and MEP (mechanical-electrical-plumbing) inspections and insulation and drywall is being installed.  The three new heating & air units have been installed on the roof.  Masons continue … read more.

Building Update: Continued Progress

Every day, more progress is being made on the addition. This week, the exterior sheathing was installed and waterproofed, the windows for the offices and multipurpose room were installed, and the masons began to lay the brick exterior.

The roofers installed the the roofing … read more.

It’s Beginning to Look like a New Building!

The framing for the addition is mostly complete.  The exterior wall sheathing is being installed, and the electrical, mechanical (heating & air), and plumbing is being roughed-in.

The water line from the main at Timothy Road to the building is to be rerouted tomorrow … read more.

Try a Sample Chair on Sunday

Sample chairs for the new multi-purpose room and the fellowship hall will be delivered on Friday, 6/29.  They will be placed in the Fellowship Hall.   Be sure to try them out, and share your comments in the envelopes provided.  We want your input so we … read more.

New Addition is Taking Shape!

Work is progressing on the addition, although problems arise that have to be resolved (typical of any construction project).  The main steel structure is in place with the roof deck installed (the insulation and roofing will follow in a few weeks).  Crews are in … read more.

Pouring concrete – not rain!

Finally our building project experiencing pouring concrete instead of pouring rain!!  Within a few days we’ll also start to see the shape of the building as columns and steel beams go up. 

Be sure to take a look out the observation window CloverLeaf kindly installed in … read more.

Building Renovation Hits Rain Delay!

Tropical storm Alberto forced a temporary stop to Phase 1 construction.  CloverLeaf has worked hard to keep water from the roof drain diverted around the finished building pad and to divert rain water from the job site.  With a break in the rain, CloverLeaf … read more.

EOV Building Update

To those of you who came for our update this past Sunday, thank you for your support!  For those who could not, here is a summary of the information.  The PowerPoint with pictures can be viewed by clicking here.

Most important: the Expanding … read more.