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Compact Vehicle Parking!

UUFA’s parking lot now has spaces designated for compact cars. Note the white “C” stenciled on those spaces. Help maximize the parking lot! Don’t forget the new lot on Cheatham drive is now open as well. You may enter the building from the side door … read more.

Thank you, Labor Day Laborers!

With help from 26 hard-working folks everything has been removed from the sanctuary to prepare it for renovation starting this week.  From the attached pictures you can see we also experimented with setting up for Sunday services in the Fellowship Hall.  We are … read more.

Building Update: Now you can see the new space!

However, please just look, don’t walk into the new space until we get the Certificate of Occupancy.

Accomplishments this week:

The Welcome/Fellowship Hall, new offices and meeting rooms, and RE Hall have new floors and paint.
New doors are installed.
Concrete work continues on all sides!


We’ll … read more.