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New Addition is Taking Shape!

Work is progressing on the addition, although problems arise that have to be resolved (typical of any construction project).  The main steel structure is in place with the roof deck installed (the insulation and roofing will follow in a few weeks).  Crews are in … read more.

New Addition Rises Above Ground!

The new addition is rising above the ground.  With recent better weather, our contractors have been able to pour the concrete slab, and erect the steel framing for the walls and roof.  They also began to rough-in plumbing for the two new bathrooms in … read more.

Building Renovation Hits Rain Delay!

Tropical storm Alberto forced a temporary stop to Phase 1 construction.  CloverLeaf has worked hard to keep water from the roof drain diverted around the finished building pad and to divert rain water from the job site.  With a break in the rain, CloverLeaf … read more.

Ministry Council Reflections

At its February 20, 2018 meeting, the Ministry Council …

Discussed ideas for programs, activities, or outcomes for addressing the four major areas of focus for the 2018-2019 program year that were developed at the January retreat of the Board and Ministry Council. Ministry teams and … read more.

Important! Leadership Council meeting this Saturday, February 17

All UUFA leaders, including Board members, Lay Ministers, Team/Committee/Group chairs or facilitators and members, or anyone who aspires to become more involved in the Fellowship, including budding leaders from the younger generation (middle & high school, college, young adults):  You are invited to the quarterly … read more.

Ministry Council Reflections

At its September 19, 2017 meeting, the Ministry Council …

…Discussed establishing Ministry Cluster and team goals for the 2017-2018 program year.

…Discussed the ongoing process of updating existing or creating new Team/Committee charters.

…Discussed the idea of term limits for team/committee leadership and membership. This is one … read more.

Help Welcome Rev. Alison Home!

In two weeks, August 6, we will welcome Rev. Alison home from sabbatical in a special service, followed by a reception.  You can contribute a message for a special welcome home gift.

These messages can be about what she missed while she was gone or about how … read more.