March Cluster Volunteers Provide Fun and Fellowship

In March, Ange Kahn and the Fun and Fellowship Cluster are recognizing folks who work hard at putting the “fun” in fun and fellowship!

In 2015, (before they even became UUFA members), Kathy Larson and Lyndall Tunnell resurrected the Circle Suppers, which had been inactive. They saw this as a great way to meet other members and friends, and to deepen relationships within the congregation, which is the goal of the circle suppers. They began with one “circle” of about 12 members, and have grown to around 30 members in three different circles. Kathy and Lyndall want everyone to know that they are welcome to join at any time during the year, whether they are members or friends of UUFA. The duo emphasize that hosting can include meeting at restaurants or ordering prepared foods.

Kathy also organizes and leads the “Scrabble with the Rabble” group, which meets every third Friday at UUFA to…wait for it…play scrabble! These gamers play from 7-9 pm, and all members and friends are welcome to join them.

Our next honorees, Jane Mayer and Carol-Lee Baker, organize and promote the Enjoyable Entertainment Events, which allow members and friends to socialize in a variety of settings. They have been leading this activity for three years. These fun events are also a valuable fund-raising activity, bringing in an average of $2400.00 annually for the general operating budget. Jane and Carol-Lee also plan and arrange the various musical performances which are held at UUFA . These concerts serve to expose members to different types of music and also allow for socialization among members, friends, and the wider community. Jane and Carol-Lee remind us to be on the lookout for upcoming concerts and events.

Sally Randall and Hester Meyers, our final two honorees, are the leaders of the Second Lookers group, which meets on the second Tuesday of each month at noon at UUFA. This group of “interested and interesting” mostly retired men and women socializes over brown bag lunches, often followed by a program. Hester was recruited to lead this group about ten years ago, and Sally came on board three years ago. Hester says she enjoys the friendship and support this group offers, and Sally notes that rides to the monthly lunches can be provided if needed. ~ Debbie Hardegree for the Volunteer Recognition Team