EOV Town Hall March 4th

The Expanding Our Vision Project’s charge is to help UUFA fulfill its mission and vision by creating spaces for growth and for deeper connections among members, friends, and the community.

Town Hall Meeting – Sunday, March 4, 10 AM

Purpose – to Discuss Project Details

• We are able to implement the Spring 2017 architects’ master plan.
• We’ll have a new parking lot off Cheatham Road with about 45 new spaces that still preserves our beautiful sanctuary view out the sanctuary windows.
• The new welcoming entrance will lead into a large Gathering Hall which will easily accommodate congregational dinners and other events.
• Other new spaces include a multipurpose room that will seat 50 to 75, a conference room, and enlarged administrative offices close to the entrance.
• There will be two new restrooms and a drinking fountain near the sanctuary.
• Sanctuary improvements include better lighting, enhanced AV controls, and increased seating capacity as well as flexibility.

• ACC requirement for sidewalks along Rambling and Cheatham Roads
• Additional HVAC equipment to accommodate increased sanctuary capacity
• Additional fire safety measures to accommodate increased sanctuary capacity
• Special parking lot construction that manages storm water run-off without needing to cut a large number of trees for an enlarged retention pond.
• Structural steel required to have clerestory windows in the Gathering Hall which complement the existing clerestory windows in our sanctuary.

• The capital campaign commitments goal of $1.3 million goal was met and exceeded by over $10 thousand with commitments from 163 households.
• $865,000 of those commitments have already been paid!

• This project will cost close to $1.9 million instead of the initial estimate of $1.8 million.
• The necessary mortgage, after all capital campaign commitments are fulfilled, will be close to $600,000. Amortized over 20 years this means about $3,800 monthly payments.

Details and pictures – UUFA website. http://uuathensga.org/uufa/about-the-fellowship/eov/

QUESTION? COMMENTS? Email building@uuathensga.org
OR contact Iva King, EOV Chair 770-38-28-7928 ivaking@bellsouth.net.