Who is my neighbor? Do you have a story?

The title of the February 4 worship services is “Who is my neighbor?”  The question is especially potent given the current discussion around immigration.  
  • Should those who were allowed to come as workers and students but who stayed without government papers remain among us?   
  • Should those who came illegally into the country decades ago to provide us reasonably priced food be deported?  
  • Should those young people who grew up in our schools and neighborhoods but lacked citizenship papers be required to return to the country of their birth?  
  • Should those who came under Temporary Protected Status in the 1980s and 1990s to escape war and environmental devastation lose their legal standing?   
  • What should happen to those people who are naturalized United States citizens but are now threatened with no longer being able to bring other family members into the country?  
  • What should happen to those who come seeking asylum for persecution?

Should everyone be our neighbor? Do you have an immigration story to tell that can help shed light on this question: “Who is my neighbor?”  

If you have such a story you wish to share, you are invited to write a short narrative.

Please send it to Greg Davis at rawsondavis@gmail.com or call him at 706-589-5568 for further discussion on the topic. 

With your permission, your written thoughts may be shared during February 4 worship.