January marks a mid-year promise of renewed inspiration to continue our work. At UUFA, we begin the program year like the school year, at the end of summer. Our guiding theme of “Love Calls Us On” brought many together in conversation and worship throughout the autumn and into winter. In addition to Sunday worship services, UUFA hosted several community events like the Halloween Carnival and Justicefest. Members of our congregation participated in numerous smaller meetings as well. Small groups, teams and committees heeded the call of love for Unitarian Universalism. Love for our principles and the desire to grow together motivated hours of dedicated service in the fall to make the promise of UUFA, improved and expanded, closer to a reality.

We look to the beginning of 2018 as new opportunity to continue moving to a world that is better than today. Each of us will have our own definition of “better” yet most will intersect in various ways. Unitarian Universalism allows for differences. We are not bound to follow the same credo. Our beliefs about God and the nature of reality are as many and varied as the snowflakes that fall. However we agree on many ideas. What can we do to discover our similarities and differences? We will meet and discuss and worship together. We will question and challenge. We will compromise. We will create and break down together. We will celebrate and mourn together. I promise. ~ Liz Weaver, member of the board.