Global Partner Reflections

As some of you already know, the Hungarian Unitarian Church (HUC) Synod issued a formal statement partially entitled “Marriage and Family” that defines marriage as a relationship restricted to a man and a woman. This statement profoundly saddened the members of the UU Fellowship of Athen’s Partner Church Committee. We have had a relationship with the Okland Unitarian Church for over 20 years.
The leadership of the Unitarian Universalist Partner Church Council, International Council of Unitarian and Universalists, and the Unitarian Universalist Association’s International Office issued a very thoughtful statement in response to the action by the HUC. They reminded us that “Our relationship to the HUC is one of a sibling and a partner, not one of control or authority.” They encourage us to remain in relationship with our partner church and they recommend that we take this opportunity for reflection.
They, “urge North American U/U congregations and national organizations to respond to the HUC and individual partner churches with witness, honesty, and commitment, but also with humility.”

On Mon. Nov.13 from 4 – 6 pm (Sofa Rm), Michelle Leebens-Mack and Bud Newton will provide an opportunity for any members of the UUFA and it’s partner church team to take this opportunity to reflect on the following questions:
• Reflect with humility on the U/U journey of welcoming and inclusion. What has
this been like for U/U individuals, congregations, and national
organizations? There was a time, not very long ago, when many North American
U/Us – and U/U’s in many parts of the world – would have made private and
public statements opposing marriage equality. In what ways has this
changed? What can we learn from this reflection?
• Reflect on other justice struggles within U/U congregations and national
organizations. How often have we failed? How often have we stumbled? How
often has our impact been drastically different from our intent? How often have
our actions not lived up to our words? What have we learned from this?
• Reflect on strategy. What has influenced the hearts and minds of U/Us in justice
struggles, including the struggle for marriage equality? Can strategies of
engagement with Hungarian Unitarian churches and the HUC benefit from that
Questions? Contact – Michelle Leebens-Mack at 706-410-6454
For more information and background to this reflection, please read: