Goddess in the 21st Century

New Goddess Group Course offering January-June 2018
In Cakes for the Queen of Heaven and Rise Up & Call Her Name, courses from UU Women in Religion (UUWR) which have previously been offered through the UUFA Goddess Group, we have learned much about the Goddess. We have seen how she is represented in cultures around the world from ancient times into the 20th Century.
Beginning January 21, 2018, and continuing on third Sundays through June 17, 2018, we will offer a new course entitled The Goddess in the 21st Century. In this course, developed by members of the UUFA Goddess Group, we will explore the following questions:
1. Where did come from, how did we get to the current understanding, at least at UUFA, of the Goddess?
2. How are we doing in teaching/learning about the feminine aspects of the divine?
3. Is the Goddess alive and well?
4. How is the Goddess represented in modern American culture through cinema, advertising, and other modern media?
5. What can we learn from new images and depictions of the Goddess?
6. How do we see the aspects of the Goddess manifested in modern women?
7. Where do we go from here?

We will explore these questions through video, reading, writing, discussion, art, music, crafts, foods, and other media.
The course is open to all women of UUFA, including members, friends, and visitors, as well as women in the Athens area.
A sign-up sheet for this Adult RE offering is available at the Stepping Stones Table in the Fellowship Hall.
For more information, please see one of the course creators/facilitators: Myrna Adams West, Leigh Harvey, Vivian Preston Sellers, Karen Solheim, or Aleta Turner.