EOV Building Project Milestones

We have signed a Letter of Intent for the Clover Leaf Group to partner with us, Houser Walker Architects, and Koons Environmental Design as we finalize building plans. This local construction company is experienced in aligning pre-construction decisions with budgets. Andy Hogan, their CEO, and Drew Wren, the Project Manager, will be valuable partners as we move forward.

Josh Koons submitted the required Special Use Permit to the Athens Clark County Planning Commission September 1st. This is the first of several steps prior to approval by the Mayor and Commissioners November 7th. We are planning to have an Open House soon to which we will invite neighbors along Rambling, Cheatham, and Timothy Roads. We need to assure them that our project will not have negative impact in terms of storm water run-off and will greatly improve on-site parking.

The first actual physical step toward construction occurred last week when GeoHydro Engineering did three 20’ borings near the current UUFA main entrance. Preliminary reports indicate ground holds no impediments to laying the foundation for the building expansion there.

Last, but certainly not least, we’ve learned that the building project can be completed without the fellowship needing to move out of our building! CloverLeaf has a plan for phasing that will close off portions of the building while allowing us to continue with most activities in other areas. We will need to be flexible and willing to accept some inconvenience, but we’ll not need to incur additional costs to rent space elsewhere. Yea! — Iva King, EOV Building Project Chair (ivaking@bellsouth.net).