SAVE the DATE: Atlanta, October 20-22–UU Allies For Racial Equity Conference–


Relationship, Commitment, and Stone Soup: Rockin’ a Movement Together!

The ARE Fall Conference Registration is “live” as of today!  Join Allies for Racial Equity, Chris Crass, Atlanta InterPlay, Reggie Harris & Greg Greenway, and so many more at the UU Congregation of Atlanta this October 20-22, as we move into new ways of being in relationship together, and making the most of our collective commitment to racial justice.

Whether you’re just getting into justice work, you’re a long time activist, or you’re somewhere along the road, we’ll meet you where you are, and share tools, tips, tricks, and tactics to disrupt white supremacy in our Unitarian Universalist Faith, and beyond.  And yes, Stone Soup will be on the menu too!

Come! ROCK a Movement with us!

Unitarian Universalist Allies for Racial Equity (ARE) exists as a response to a request by Diverse Revolutionary Unitarian Universalist Multicultural Ministries (DRUUMM), a UU People of Color Organization, for a group of white anti-racist allies to serve as partners in the journey of transforming our faith movement and the world.  

Our mission is to confront racism in ways that are accountable to communities of color by creating opportunities for white UUs to understand white privilege and unlearn white supremacy.