New Building Expansion/Renovation Plan Revealed!

Dear Fellowship Members and Friends,

The Revised EOV Building Project is described in the documents linked below.  Click on the appropriate link.

At the April 30 Town Hall, we announced that we have me met our Capital Campaign goal of $1,300,000!  The total project budget is $1.8 million, which includes a $500,000 replacement mortgage.

The Revised Plan addresses our most pressing problems (as described in the “Features” document above): parking, the Fellowship Hall, the entry and gathering area, additional multipurpose meeting rooms, expanded seating in the Sanctuary, and another restroom, with shower, near the Sanctuary, as well as more administrative space.

Flexibility and accessibility are fundamental concerns of our renovation and expansion plan.  We recognize that we are creating spaces that will be used for many years as our Fellowship continues to evolve.

Several areas are not included in the project and will be postponed for later consideration because of budget constraints.  These include renovations to the RE corridor and classrooms, new glass doors leading outside from the Fellowship Hall, the kitchen, a movable wall between the Fellowship Hall and Gathering Hall, and some parts of the Founders Wing (current administration wing).  There are a number of smaller renovations that we will do when funds become available in the future.

Members of the Building Team will be available after both services on Sunday, May 7; at a special information session, Wednesday, May 10, at 6:30 pm; and after the single service on Sunday, May 14.  We look forward to continuing the conversations that have so benefited the planning process during the past year.

All of us on the EOV teams are grateful for your incredible support and participation.  This is an exciting moment in the life of our Fellowship.

With best regards,

Robert McArthur, Chair, Expanding Our Vision Steering Committee