Reflections: Transforming Our Community

As we undertake to transform our UUFA home into a larger and more functional building, I have become more aware of how our members have worked to transform not just our Fellowship and our building, but also our community.  Reaching out to the people around us in an effort to support those in need and to transform, when appropriate, the systems through which those people are helped has become one of the ways in which we live up to our Seven Principals.

Our transformative efforts are carried out through many of our committees. UUFA’s Social Action Committee supports 13 of the Athens-area charities, which are provided support thorough the Cause of the Month Share the Plate offering.  UUFA is an active participant in the ‘Standing on the Side of Love’ campaign which supports ethical, respectful treatment of all people, and voted to serve as a “Welcoming Community” for support of the LGBTQ community.  Our members also have been involved in supporting “Black Lives Matter” and in forming an Exploring Racial Justice (ERJ) Task Force.

In their covenant, the members of UUA’s Journey Toward Wholeness Transformation Committee, lists as foremost among their commitments to: “recognize we are each and collectively ‘works in progress,’ and that there is no one ‘right answer’.”

We are beginning a new journey of transformation with the expansion of our facilities, and as this work progresses, we are offered the opportunity to expand our vision of who and what we are as caring, loving members of our fellowship, our community, and our world.  In the coming months, as we see our building transformed, I hope we will put our hearts and our effort into transforming our membership into an even greater resource for ourselves and the people in need around us. — Rosemary Wood, Member-at-Large