Enter, rejoice and come in

May’s theme is revelation.  Unitarian Universalism is a living tradition.  As Samuel Longfellow put it, “Revelation is not sealed.”  Our ideas and understandings are ever-evolving.  To experience revelation, we have to be open.

Open your ears to the song.
Are you open to something new?  a new experience? a new idea? a new song?The music of our congregations is evolving along with our ideas, understandings.  We need new ways to express what we feel.
Open your heart everyone.
Music can bring up strong feelings.  Sometimes that can make us feel uncomfortable.  Part of our congregational covenant is to, “encourage each other to express our authentic selves.”  If we can’t do it here, where can we?
Don’t be afraid of some change.
If we can move beyond our fear of the new and unknown, we can learn from each other by listening and trusting each other.  This can be challenging.
Enter rejoice and come in.
Fortunately, there are many ways we can practice this together.  Whether you try out drumming, choir, or singing meditation, sing or move freely in the pews, or come to a night of jazz, there are many safe ways to open up to something new.  Who knows what you will discover?
Amber Fetner, Music Director