Town Hall on March 26 discussed building project

The EOV Building Team has been at work reviewing options for revising the conceptual building plans to fit a project budget of approximately $1.75 million. Meanwhile, the Capital Campaign Team has been discussing strategies for closing the remaining gap between the current $1.25 million campaign commitments and the goal of $1.3 million. There is a plan to borrow up to $500,000 as part of the final project budget to replace the existing mortgage that expires early next year.

At the Town Hall on Sunday, March 26, the Building Team provided an opportunity for the congregation to hear about the progress and process of finalizing the building plans, to ask questions, and to offer comments. More information will be forthcoming soon, and additional opportunities for congregational feedback will be scheduled and announced.  Please put Sunday, April 30, at 10:05 am, on your calendar–this will be a Town Hall when the building plan and budget will be presented in advance of the congregational vote at the Annual Meeting on Sunday, May 21.