Tonight! Apr. 27, 7 pm, Interfaith Symposium with Rev. Alison

Join Rev. Alison Eskildsen, Imam Adel Amer, Rabbi Eric Linder, and Pastor Paul Baxley for a panel presentation about their faith traditions. “A Conversation In Abraham’s Tent” is this year’s Schwartz Symposium at Congregation Children of Israel.

WHEN: Thu., Apr. 27, at 7 pm.

WHERE: Congregation Children of Israel, 115 Dudley Drive, Athens, GA 30606 (near the ACC Public Library).

The interfaith panel will share their faith traditions and engage in dialogue around what allows us to be in conversation and relationship with one another, despite our different faith traditions.

Some questions that might be addressed include:

–Most important text or tradition in the particularity of your tradition
–What would you say to kids that religion is meaningless
–What do you struggle with in your tradition
–How does your religion cope with political discord?
–Does religion divide us or unite us?
–According to your religious stories/laws, how should we live our lives?
–What role does your religion play in thinking about others’ religions?
–How do the particularities of your tradition open you toward other traditions/other truths?