Note from the Kelemens on Rev. Levente’s Recovery

Levente is out of the hospital now , we are recovering at some friends house near Budapest.We are planning to stay here another two weeks or so.  It is a beautiful surrounding, on the banks of the Danube river, so we can walk by the Danube. The doctor said that the surgery went well, he managed to take out all the bad parts . The after the surgery biopsy showed some cancerous cells. Out of  removed 9 lymph nodes they found the cancer cells in only two and both the ” beginning ” and the ” end ” parts of the surgery / where the cuts were made /, are fully clear, which means that there is no methastasis. They suggest kemo, but fortunatley no radiation. The results will be sent to a special oncology team and they will come up with the suggestion for the kemo. The doctor said that it is likely that there is not even need for kemo, but because of his age they are suggesting full protection, so that they make sure all the bad cells are killed. We are completely OK with that. He lost about 10 pounds, but has a good apetite now, and he can eat almost everything/ of course very small portions /. We hope that he will be able to gain some weight soon, before the kemo starts in about a month.
Thank you so much for standing by us in these troubled time, it means a lot! Will keep you informed about the news! Lots of love! ~Eva and Levente
Levente Kelemen, Minister of our Partner Church in Okland (Transylvania), Romania, has recently been diagnosed with stomach cancer. Levente, his wife Eva and their three children have visited Athens over the years and members of UUFA have traveled there, too.