Music Ministry for March

Nobody’s perfect.  We all have our rough edges, our cracks and scars.

One lesson I took to heart from my Christian upbringing is that the bible is full of flawed people who, despite their flaws, inspired and helped people.  I think of Mark Miller’s song (St. Francis Prayer) “Make me an instrument of peace.”  It doesn’t say, “a perfect instrument” or  even, “an instrument that plays in tune.”

Sometimes, our need to be good at things (like singing, drumming, public speaking, writing…) keeps us from doing things we might enjoy, things that might spread joy to others.  We forget that our willingness to take these risks (and be imperfect) inspires others to do the same.  Through these selfless acts, we say, “it’s ok to try new things” and “this is a place where we can grow and be our real selves”.

Music can be a balm for our souls, a way to express our broken hearts.  We can sooth, inspire, come together, and “hear our voices in each other’s words”, as Joyce Poley sings.  But we have to be willing to set aside the need to be good and be willing to be beautifully imperfect together.

I invite you to join in this month, bring your real self, sing with wild abandon from the pews,or try out a musical ensemble:
Choir, every Wednesday 7:15-8:45
Drum Circle, every Wednesday, 5:30-6:30
Singing Meditation, Sunday, March 19th, 10:15-10:45 sofa room (behind the sanctuary)