Worship in March

March 5 – What Is at Stake  We heal the brokenness in society by first healing the brokenness in ourselves.  Through spiritual practices we invite Wholeness into our bodies and minds, and relate to others and the world around us out of our internal Wholeness. This is the path of Love.  “Be the change you desire.” Service led by the Rev. Tom Camp, Spiritual Director, Samaritan Counseling Center.

March 12 – Our Brokenness and Caring for Ourselves  We will attempt to find ways of dealing with our feelings as we live in a time of national polarization. Learning to deal with our fear, anger, and loss of hope becomes essential as we seek to be a community of healing while respecting one another’s needs and perspectives. Service led by the Rev. Dr. Don Randall, UUFA’s Affiliated Community Minister.

March 19  Seeing the Light Following Spring Equinox, our days have increasingly longer hours of light than darkness. In what ways do we break through the darkness of limitation to emerge to the light of individual potential? Service led by Dir. of Religious Education Morgan Watson.

March 26 – Companioning as Communion How shall we dwell together in community? In society? In family? Whether we choose or not, these questions keep bubbling up and foisting themselves upon us; especially during this time of societal brokenness. Let’s examine these concerns thoughtfully. Reverend Reynolds keeps recognizing that a healthy–and heartful–way of entering these questions is to imagine ourselves always tending toward mutuality, reciprocity, and inclusion. Isn’t that communion? Shouldn’t we dwell together in communion? Let’s explore how we can honestly achieve that.  Service led by the Rev. Roy Reynolds.