Happening in March

SOCIAL ACTION COMMITTEE: Be the Change You Want to See in the World! You are invited to become a member of the UUFA Social Action Committee (SAC)!  How? Attend our next meeting on ​March 5 at 12:30 p.m.. in the administration office.

Want to know what transpires between SAC meetings? Join the SAC listserv at http://lists.uuathensga.org/listinfo.cgi/social_action-uuathensga.org This listserv will let you know what transpires not only within SAC but also in the local Athens area in terms of social action.  Everyone is encouraged to sign up!

CAUSE OF THE MONTH: The Causes of the Month Share the Plate for March is ​Samaritan Counseling. Hear a representative from this organization during the worship services and join in the Cause of the Month Conversation (10-10:50 a.m.). 

Causes of the Month for 2017-18 To Be Considered Soon  Do you have an idea of a local organization that should be one of the 2017-18 Causes of the Month? Do you have questions about how the Causes of the Month are elected? Contact SAC (Social Action Committee) chair David Jarrett (daviduufa@gmail.com or 706.338.2798) with your ideas by April 15 or with your questions any time. 

ATHENS AREA EMERGENCY FOOD BANK ​ CANtributions​: "We're #​4 we're #​4? For the ​first month of competition among the twenty-five area faith communities CANtributing to the Athens Area Emergency Food Bank, UUFA ​is in FOURTH PLACE with our total CANtributions of 188! Many thanks to everyone who CANtriubted! A Can a Day Keeps Hunger Away! For 2017, you are encouraged to bring a can a day to UUFA:  365 cans in all! The wicker basket as you enter the sanctuary is willing and able to receive your CANtributions of either nonperishable food items or monetary donations.  Tuna, saltines, pork and beans, and green peas are always needed. Not a fan of grocery store shopping but still want to CANtribute? Donate any amount of money (designated as Food Bank), and savvy SAC shoppers will convert your cash or check to cans.

CAN YoUUr Birthday! How can you CAN YoUUr Birthday? Whenever you celebrate your birthday, bring enough nonperishable food items to match every year you are celebrating. For example, turning 60? Bring 60 cans!  Turning 16? Bring 16 cans. The wicker basket as you enter the sanctuary is willing and able to receive your CANtributions whether you are celebrating your birthday or not! Not a fan of grocery shopping, buy a grocery card (See John Olive) and donate it to the Social Action Committee (SAC), and SAC's savvy shoppers will shop for you. All CANtributions will be donated to the Athens Area Emergency Food Bank.

FREE (Food Responsibility and Enjoyable Eating) Save the Date:  Wednesday, ​March 8 The FREE (Food Responsibility and Enjoyable Eating) group will be serving our monthly dinner on Wednesday, ​March 8, at 6:30 pm in the UUFA Fellowship Hall. Suggested donation is $6 - $12 per adult (which does not cover wine) and $4.00 per child. The suggested donation has been increased this program year so that FREE can contribute a  local, in-season for the monthly meal UUFA provides for Our Daily Bread. For further information about FREE, contact Kate Blane (raya_mead@yahoo.com, ​or 706.248.8057).​