Thanks to UUFA’s Membership Committee!

You know them. You’ve seen them at the Visitor’s Table on Sunday mornings. They welcome newcomers and provide brochures and pamphlets about UUism to all comers. But they do so much more than that! They insure the growth and health of our membership.

They are the Membership Committee, and their dedication, hard work and commitment help this Fellowship grow and thrive. As long-time committee chair Larry Dendy explains it, “Membership is not only about attracting and enrolling new members, but also helping them find ways to become involved in the life of the Fellowship.”

On January 29 Ange Kahn and the Fellowship Cluster recognized the Membership Committee’s contributions of time and talent toward making this such a vibrant community. In addition to Larry, members include Lauren Nucci, Carol-Lee Baker, Betsy Bean, Gary Rinker, Lynn Rinker, Royce Knight, Michelle Leebens-Mack, Hester Meyers, Larry Petroff, Sherri Tanner and Todd Dinkleman.

Beyond staffing and stocking the visitor’s table, these volunteers present the New to UUFA classes offered several times per year, welcoming  interested visitors to an information packed breakfast planned and presented by committee members.

When newcomers sign the Membership Book, the Membership Committee introduces them to the congregation through the New Member Recognition Ceremony held during the worship service and write brief biographical sketches for the Order of Service. All new members receive a detailed information packet about all our Fellowship has to offer. Time and thought are spent to match new members with committees, interest groups and activities that they would enjoy. Social events specific to new members and attendees are occasionally held as well.

The committee also remembers those who have been here longer. It is compiling a database to show when every member signed the Membership Book. They identify members who have stopped attending or become inactive and try to find out why. And they are working to upgrade the Membership page on the website.

As you can see, we owe the Membership Committee volunteers a large debt of gratitude for helping to make this a healthy congregation that grows and flourishes.

Julie Sapp, Volunteer Recognition Team