Worship in February

Theme for the month – Listening

NOTE:  In keeping with February’s theme, the 9 am service will be more contemplative than the 11 am service. It begins with an extended Music Meditation and Centering period, followed by many of our typical elements, except there may be no shared Joys, Sorrows & Milestones.

February 5 – Listen to Your Heart  While our minds chatter endlessly, the heart softly whispers deeper messages. How do we hear the subtle sounds of our heart songs? Service led by Morgan Watson with special music.

February 12 – Listening to Silence  Can we learn to let go of the noise we’re surrounded by to hear the beauty of silence? Service led by Rev. Alison Eskildsen with the Chalice Choir.

February 19 – This I Believe – Today  ‘This I Believe’ class members share credo statements—where they are on their spiritual journey. Service includes Rev. Alison Eskildsen and music by a UUFA band.

February 26 – Meeting the Road Where It Rises On this last Sunday before Rev. Alison Eskildsen begins her sabbatical, we’ll explore the value of taking intentional time away from daily routines. The Chalice Choir and special guest musicians join Rev. Eskildsen.

Cause of the Month – February 2017

During our worship services we collect an offering for UUFA’s Social Action ‘Cause of the Month’. This month we share the offering with the The Ark. For more on this program and UUFA’s Share the Plate initiative, click here.