A Chosen Faith Book Discussion

Want to learn more about this UU tradition that most people choose, coming to it from other denominations or no religious upbringing at all? Want to revisit this book, and your beliefs? Then join the discussion around this book, organized around the six sources of Unitarian Universalism. Each one of these forms the basis for a meeting, after an introductory session, for a total of 7 sessions. Meetings will last from 7:15 until 8:45 on Mondays from March 13 through April 24. Contact Aleta Turner (706-714-6417 or aletamosquito@gmail.com) or Vivian Preston Sellers (770-833-6290 or vpsellers@gmail.com) with questions. There are 3 copies in the UUFA office for you to borrow, or you can have Vivian order one for you, if you wish. You may also sign up at the Stepping Stones table in the Fellowship Hall.