Community Quilt Project

Your treasure, time, and/or talent are needed to help with a community quilt project connected with the 100+ Days of Action.

You’ll be hearing more about the civic engagement activities in the works in a later email, but I’m writing now about one small wing of this project, a community “listening quilt” inspired by the National AIDS quilt, but on a much smaller scale. The starting concept (which may develop along the way) is to create many opportunities over 100+ Days, in a range of settings, for people to create quilt squares, either in real time at an event, using perhaps fabric markers and crayons and some light sewing, or doing more involved needle work on their own and contributing it to the quilt at some point. Then, perhaps on National Quilting Day (3rd Saturday in March, March 18) to have a bonanza piecing event. This will not be a fancy quilt, it will be tied, not quilted per se.

As the planning team is coming together, I thought I’d reach out and ask for your time, talent and treasure.

A) Treasure: Do you have quilting supplies you’d like to donate to the quilt? We need muslin for squares, and a range of fabrics for accents and framing, needles, pins, thread. The usual.

B) Time and Talent: Would you like to play a role in the quilt project – either

-helping to plan, and/or
-joining teams managing opportunities for creating quilt squares
-and/or celebrating National Quilt Day by piecing it together?

C) Time: Are you members of sewing circle/quilting groups through which you’d be willing to spread the word about the quilt project, asking for donations of time, talent and treasure?

Please reply to me at if you see a way to help out.
Thanks in advance for any thoughts, suggestions, contributions!

100+ Days of Action is supported by UUFA’s Social Action Committee.