Exploring Racial Justice Reflection of the Week

fullsizerenderHow can you grow in your faith as you work toward justice?  How can we gain strength from one other in this work?

The Exploring Racial Justice Task Force encourages you to wear Black Lives Matter, Standing on the Side of Love, or other t-shirts, buttons and wristbands as a way of standing publicly for the principles of Unitarian Universalism.

We suggest that you to do this mindfully, to explore all of the feelings that may arise from the experience. You may find anger, righteousness, a desire to look good, guilt, fear, pride, peacefulness, curiosity, freedom, commitment, etc. We ask you to stay with those feelings, be curious about them, and explore them.  We encourage you to bear witness not only to interpersonal racism but to institutional and systemic racism as well.

For the next three months we invite you to share what you are finding on the Standing on the Side of Love Witness Wall located at the entry of the sanctuary. Offer your thoughts, your experience, your art, your pictures, your heart in the spirit of giving all of us the strength and courage to bravely work toward justice.

“The cure for my cultivation into passivity is renewed activism.  Social activism becomes my spiritual practice by which I reclaim my humanity, and refuse to accept my cultivation into numbness and disengagement.”

Rebecca Ann Parker, Not Somewhere Else, But Herefound in the UUA curriculum “Building the World We Dream About”