Exploring Racial Justice Reflection of the Week

How can social activism be a spiritual practice this month? By following the Social Action Committee’s recommendation to vote “no” against Amendment 1 on the upcoming election ballot.  This so-called Opportunity School District amendment would remove local decision-making and accountability for selected schools.  After services this coming Sunday, there will be yard signs and additional information so that you can share your opposition visibly and in a knowledgeable way.

The Georgia NAACP says this about the amendment:

The Georgia NAACP encourages you to VOTE NO ON OSD [Amendment 1] to save our children and to protect public education as do other organizations such as the Georgia Association of Educators, the Georgia Federation of Teachers, the Professional Association of Educators, the Georgia PTA, and the Georgia School Boards Association.

Amendment 1, if passed, would add language to the constitution of Georgia that would establish an Opportunity School District of “chronically failing schools.” The Opportunity School District would be managed by a Governor-appointed superintendent who would be given vast new powers over the use of local funding and local educational decision-making yet who be unaccountable to local taxpayers.

At present, based on having a score of 60 or below for three consecutive years on the CCRPI (College and Career Ready Performance Index), less than 6 percent–127 schools–are affected including Gaines School Road Elementary School in Athens.  For a complete list of the “failing” schools, click here.

Passage of this amendment would mean
  • loss of local control
  • creation of another level of bureaucracy
  • loss of local tax dollars

You can take action now by doing the following:

  • voting NO on Amendment 1
  • kindly asking family and friends to vote NO on Amendment 1
  • volunteering to canvas or phone bank to defeat Amendment 1:  Contact the Briana Bivans–Keep Georgia Schools Local Field Coordinator:  407.575.2699 or brianabivens@gmail.com


“The cure for my cultivation into passivity is renewed activism.  Social activism becomes my spiritual practice by which I reclaim my humanity, and refuse to accept my cultivation into numbness and disengagement.”

Rebecca Ann Parker, Not Somewhere Else, But Herefound in the UUA curriculum “Building the World We Dream About”