Exploring Racial Justice Reflection of the Week

Engaged presence  “The cure for my cultivation into passivity is renewed activism.  Social activism becomes my spiritual practice by which I reclaim my humanity, and refuse to accept my cultivation into numbness and disengagement.”

Rebecca Ann Parker, Not Somewhere Else, But Here, found in the UUA curriculum “Building the World We Dream About”

This month we feature the opportunity to volunteer with Athens United Against Discrimination. Founders Mokah and Knowa Johnson, started this organization in response to General Beauregard’s, a Confederate-themed Athens bar, which created a margarita drink called “N*gg**ita” for their drink menu.  Over 400 community members and leaders marched against a variety of reports of discrimination in downtown Athens. Currently the group is petitioning the Athens-Clarke County Mayor and Commission to incorporate into the proposed Anti-Discrimination Ordinance the creation of a Civil Rights Committee representative of the people most vulnerable to discrimination in our community that would review discrimination claims and recommend action. Get engaged here.