Sherri Tanner In the Spotlight!

Congratulations to Sherri Tanner, the first UUFA volunteer to be recognized in the Volunteer Recognition Team’s new monthly Spotlight Series!

Sherri has organized and run the annual UUFA Yard Sale for the past two years. She’s put in a great deal of time, and, even though she’s had a lot of help from other volunteers including her husband Kip, she’s been the main driving force and spent the most time on it. Her efforts help raise funds to support the Fellowship and offer really good prices on a wide range of items to shoppers from all sectors of the Athens community.

Sherri’s nomination was one of several the Team received when the new Thank You project was announced in May with a September start date. To nominate a person you feel is making a difference in the Fellowship, just follow this survey link. Please consider all ages and all Lay Ministry clusters. And feel free to suggest yourself. Then write two or three sentences pointing out what you have seen that person do. Please include your name and email. Another option to nominate a volunteer is to contact a Team member: Diane Bridges, Debbie Hardegree, Barbara Leissner, Julie Sapp or Susan Curtis.