Exploring Racial Justice Reflection of the Week

Let’s imagine something different “…Black Lives Matter is a re-humanizing project. We’ve lived in a place that has literally allowed for us to believe and center only black death. We’ve forgotten how to imagine black life. Literally whole human beings have been rendered to die prematurely, rendered to be sick, and we’ve allowed for that. Our imagination has only allowed for us to understand black people as a dying people. We have to change that. That’s our collective imagination, someone imagined handcuffs, someone imagined guns, someone imagined a jail cell. Well, how do we imagine something different that actually centers black people, that sees them in the future? Let’s imagine something different.”

Patrisse Cullors, one of three co-founders of Black Lives Matter, On Being Episode, “The Resilient World We’re Building Now,” February 18, 2016


As the Exploring Racial Justice Task Force moves into the new programming year, we invite you to reflect on the spiritual and healing dimension of working toward racial justice in weekly reflections by UU theologians and others. We hope to offer perspective on the current Black Lives Matter movement that goes beyond the headlines, and share opportunities to engage in the work of racial justice. To learn more about the Straw Poll we conducted in May, see the most recent Tapestry article (see page 9).