Balance is the Theme for September

“Expanding Our Vision Here & Beyond”

Annual and Monthly Themes for 2016 – 2017

This program year’s all congregational theme, “Expanding Our Vision Here & Beyond,” was developed by members of the Board of Trustees and Ministry Council. It expresses our building and grounds expansion project as well as our hope that we expand our understanding, meaning, and connection with our beliefs, values, and communities. We hope you’ll expand your metaphorical vision by taking part in one or more classes, events, or other activity offered during the year.

Opportunities for this spiritual and philosophical growth are called ‘stepping stones’ at UUFA because each activity encourages you to take a step down your journey of life. You can find out about these different opportunities by signing up for our weekly e-mail, attending Sunday services, and checking out the bulletin boards and sign-up table in the Fellowship Hall.

Monthly Themes for 2016 – 2017

Each month worship service topics are loosely tied to children’s religious education classes, small group ministry discussions, book discussions, and more. Beyond these group activities, most worship ‘order of service’ handouts offer quotations and questions for your personal reflection or discussion with friends outside the Fellowship. We hope this encourages you to engage with these subjects more deeply.

This program year’s themes are:

Jul 2016 – Recreation & Re-creation
Aug 2016 – Interdependence
Sep 2016 – Balance
Oct 2016 – Awareness
Nov 2016 – Reconstruction
Dec 2016 – Illumination

Jan 2017 – Commitment
Feb 2017 – Listening
Mar 2017 – Brokenness
Apr 2017 – Transformation
May 2017 – Revelation
Jun 2017 – Adventure