Building Our Vision Here & Beyond

The all-Fellowship theme for 2016 – 2017 has been selected!

‘Building Our Vision Here & Beyond’ recognizes we’re building in at least two ways. One, we’re planning on expanding our building and grounds to better serve our current needs and meet continued modest growth. And, two, we’re encouraging you to expand your horizons by continuing to walk the journey of life with us, thus deepening your sense of connection and meaningfulness.

In Worship, Religious Education for Children, Youth & Adults, Forums, Committees and elsewhere, we’re engaging in the annual theme by exploring different aspects of ‘Building Our Vision Here & Beyond’ each month. Join us on the journey!

Monthly Themes


July 2016                  Re-creation, Recreation

August 2016             Interdependence

September 2016    Balance

October 2016          Awareness

November 2016     Reconstruction

December 2016     Illumination

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January 2017        Commitment

February 2017      Listening

March 2017           Brokenness

April 2017              Transformation

May 2017               Revelation

June 2017             Adventure