Will Sheahan and Greg Davis Exemplify Social Action

By Karen Cornell

There is a long and far reaching tradition of service in our fellowship, and the Volunteer Recognition Team along with Justice Cluster Lay Minister Karen Solheim would like to recognize the recent accomplishments of the UUFA Social Action Committee and especially member Greg Davis for his help with their undertakings. In addition, the cluster would like to recognize Will Sheahan for his steadfast work with Our Daily Bread.

The SAC embodies UU principles by their commitment to love, acceptance, and justice for all people. SAC members coordinate UUFA’s ongoing efforts in the Cause of the Month, CANtributions for the Athens Area Food Bank, and the Interfaith Hospitality Network that provides temporary shelter for homeless families. They have recently sponsored, participated in, or organized several events such as the bus trip to Selma, celebrations of marriage equality, reproductive health and immigration workshops, Habitat for Humanity builds, Justice Fest, Christmas Angels, and Black Lives Matter services.

Greg Davis Works for Justice

Greg Davis has been an active member of the Social Action Committee for six years. He has represented UUFA for two years at the quarterly UU SAC cluster meetings for North Georgia. He served as chairman on the board of the Economic Justice Coalition for the past two years. The EJC advocates for quality jobs and living wages. Greg also serves as a liaison between UUFA and the Athens Clarke Literacy Counsel, which supports adult literacy efforts and GED scholarships. In this capacity, he assures that there is a UUFA Spelling Team for the annual Literacy Council fundraiser, the Spirited Spelling Spectacular, and that ACLC is a Cause of the Month at UUFA. He has co-led some of the social justice services at the Fellowship. He has participated in and helped organize SAC events such as Justice Fests, the bus ride to Selma, Gay Pride festivals, a fundraiser for families of undocumented workers, and Moral Monday Movement support rallies in Athens, Atlanta, and Raleigh, NC.

Greg at Selma, 2015
Greg at Selma, 2015

Will Sheahan Devotes 20 Years to Our Daily Bread

Will Sheahan signed on to help prepare and serve the Fellowship’s monthly meal for the guests at Our Daily Bread in 1996 when he learned about the volunteer opportunity from Dan Everett. With his degrees in food science and his love of cooking, Will knew he was a match. Now twenty years later, Will is glad to have been able to serve the community by preparing meals each third Friday for about 150 diners who all look forward to his enchilada casserole, lasagnas, beef stews, and more. Will is grateful to the many UUs and others who have been mainstays in cooking and serving – especially Lois Shenkel, his assistant cook for well over a decade, and Peggy Horton for her many years of scheduling servers.

Will Sheehan with Paula, Rosemary and Doug
Will Sheehan with Paula, Rosemary and Doug

In addition to Lois and Peggy, some of the people who have volunteered with Will include Doug Atkinson, Carol-Lee Baker, Al Bergins, Kate Blane, Diane Bridges, Diana Cerwonka, Dan Everett, Bill & Peggy Horton, Paula Keam, Sherry Lowrance, Nancy MacNair, Clela Reed, Susanna Moriarty, Sally Randall, Cory Taylor, Suzanne Murphy, Michelle Simpson, Rosemary Woodel, Patty Freeman-Lynde, Ray Freeman-Lynde, Rick Fyock, David Sweat and Kay Giese along with non UUs Joan Yantko, Celeste Dickson and Miche Harrop.

Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” The hard work and commitment by Will and Greg exemplify this heart-felt belief.

More commitment and effort is evident in the Justice Cluster’s two other committees, the Green Sanctuary Team led by Larry Dendy and Liz Weaver, and FREE (Food Responsibility and Enjoyable Eating) led by Kate Blane.

The Volunteer Recognition Team’s Karen Cornell worked with the Justice Cluster’s Karen Solheim to arrange the April 2016 recognition.