JUUbilee Quiz: Better Know a UU

UUFA Trivia

220How well do you know your partners in ministry at UUFA? See how many of these folks you can correctly identify. Find all these questions at the September Diamond JUUbilee display inside the sanctuary doors. Then just drop your answer form in the nearby box by September 28.

If you correctly identify all ten items, you will be entered into a drawing to win a Diamond JUUbilee tote bag: this fall’s top fashion accessory!

  1. Which Administrative Assistant is a professional singer/songwriter?
  2. Which UUFA President was once a Fire Marshall?
  3. Which UUFA President is a retired IRS agent?
  4. Which UUFA President is Superior Court Chief Judge of the Western Judicial Circuit?
  5. Which UUFA Administrator is a belly dance instructor?
  6. Name at least two lifetime UUs who are pictured on the tri-fold display.
  7. Name at least two former United Methodist Church ministers who are pictured on the display.
  8. Name at least two UUFA Presidents who have prepared taxes for H&R Block.
  9. Identify at least five University of Georgia professors pictured on the display.
  10. Identify the Board member and the staff person who were once teacher and student.