UUFA’s Ministers, Lay Leaders and Staff


Clifton Hoffman, 1970-1981 (part-time); Minister Emeritus, 1982-?

Mitchell G. Howard, 1981-1983 (first full-time)

Beth Ide, 1984-1985 (Interim)

Nancy Roemheld, 1986-1994

Terre Balof, 1995-2008 (Interim, Part-Time Minister, then Settled Minister)

David Johnson, 2008-2010 (Interim)

Alison Wilbur Eskildsen, 2010-present


Affiliated Community Minister

Don Randall, Ph.D., 2003-present


Choir Directors/Music Directors

Stu Fors, 1981 (volunteer)

Elizabeth (Sutton) Bishop-Martin, 1982-1994 (first paid)

Bill Sutton (substitute)

Bill Coscarelli (substitute)

Diane Nuter, 1994-1995

Jimmy Merritt, 1995-2001

Amber Fetner, 2001-present (Music Director)



Gladys Howard, 1981-1983

Jean Bryan, 1982-1992

Alberta (Albie) Smith, 1992-2007 (first paid)

Sojourner (Sojie) Hodges, 2008-2009

Thomas Duncan, 2009-2010

Shane Aldredge, 2010-2012

Kaitlyn Davidson, 2012

Robert Hjelmstad, 2012-present


Religious Education Coordinators/Directors

Alma Walker and Gladys Montgomery (Coordinators)

Kay Hoffman, 1970-1981? (Coordinator)

Rosemary Anderson, 1988-1989 (Director)

Sara Cross Williams, 1989 (RE Coordinator)

Sally Broach, 1989-1996 (RE Director)

Sharon Bellah, 1996-2000 (RE Director)

Jennifer Morley (RE Director), 2000-2006

Elizabeth Weaver (Interim RE Director), 2006-2007

Katie Sadler-Stephenson (Director of Lifespan Religious Education), 2007-2009

Laura McGreevy (Summer RE Coordinator), 2009

Morgan Watson (RE Director), 2009-present


Young Adult/Campus Ministry and Adult RE Coordinators

Caryl Sundland, 1996-1998; 2000-2001 (Adult RE)

Charlotte (Chip) Ashurst McDaniel, 1998-2000 (Adult RE)

Heather Lee Navarre, 2002-2003 (Adult RE)

Sanjay Lal, 1996 (YA/Campus)

Donna McPeek, 1997-1999 (YA/Campus)

Allen Jones and Karen (Pinkie) Bergmann, 2011 (Campus)


Newsletter Editors

Larry Dendy, 1979-1980

Lin McNickle-Odend’hal, 1980-?

Diana Cerwonka, 1996-2010

Susan Curtis, 2010-2013

Shaye Gambrell, 2013-present


Web Masters/Facebook Administrators

Jenny McStotts, 2002 (Web)

Jenny & Elijah McStotts, 2003 (Web)

William & Laura Weems, 2004 (Web)

Laura Kendrick, 2008 (Web)

Casey Gordon, 2008-2013 (Web)

Rev. Alison Wilbur Eskildsen & Shaye Gambrell, 2013-present (Web)

Michelle Vaught, 2010 (FB)

Michelle Leebens-Mack, 2012-present (FB)


Office Staff/Coordinators/Bookkeepers

Nora Herrera, 1988-1989 (Church Secretary)

Elaine Wilson, 1989-1990 (Church Secretary)

Nancy Keeler, 1990-1992 (Church Secretary)

Cicely Dunn, 1993-1994 (UUFA Secretary)

Jean Spencer, 1996-2000 (Administrative Assistant)

Christa Daniel, 2000 (Office Manager)

Joanna Pullis, 2000 (Office Manager)

Melissa Bergaron, 2001 (Office Manager)

Chris Fricks, 2001-2005 (Fellowship Administrator)

Shaye Gambrell, 2005-2012 (Bookkeeper);, 2008-present (Congregational Administrator)

Joanne Buley, 2005-2009 (Administrative Assistant)

Angela Brown, 2012-present (Bookkeeper)


Care Program/Pastoral Care Team Coordinators

Helen Wilcox and Helen (Cookie) Kabat, 1995

Helen Wilcox, 1996-2000

Susan Ponsoldt, 2001-present (Pastoral Care Team)


Lay Ministers

Patty Freeman-Lynde, 2012-2014 (Lay Minister for Fellowship Cluster)

Ange Kahn, 2014-present (Lay Minister for Fellowship Cluster)

Michelle Leebens-Mack, 2012-present (Lay Minister for Connections Cluster)

Nancy MacNair, 2012-2014 (Lay Minister for Justice Cluster)

Jane Mayer, 2012-2014 (Lay Minister for Stewardship Cluster)

Vivian Preston Sellers, 2014-present (Lay Minister for Lifespan Development, Adult RE)

Karen Solheim, 2014-present (Lay Minister for Justice Cluster)

Aleta Turner, 2012-present (Lay Minister for Lifespan Development Cluster)

Herb West, 2014-present (Lay Minister for Stewardship Cluster)

Myrna Adams West, 2012-present (Lay Minister for Spiritual Arts Cluster)